We hear on the grapevine across the board many more children & adults these days suffering from mysterious coughs, unidentified respiratory diseases, asthma, eczma and something dubbed chemtrail flu.

Have you had any of these conditions as yet?

Below is a list of constituents of chemtrail gases released above us on a daily basis.
Our respective governments are involved in criminal activities and somehow we need to keep making noise and hold them responsible for the toxicity we are breathing in, apart from the poisoning of land, water, birds, bees, animals, and fowl.

We have come to realise the multi-layered toxins being inflicted on mankind, GMOs, vaccines and chemtrails are the biggest contributors to disease today attacking our immunity and weakening us all.I had my moment of awakening around 2010 and I have been scribbling and blogging, talking to the young ones in my family and generally raising awareness.

Chemtrails are also used to mask sunlight. I have witnessed many a bright morning with blue skies turn into a whiteout, as the chemtrail pilots get up there and start their spraying as quickly as they can. This can be reported in many parts of the world. Masking sunlight is making our earth colder and also depriving every living thing on earth of the healing sun’s rays. The chemtrail pilots really need to look at themselves in the mirror as the joy-stick drone killers have had to do, and have done an now rejecting this form of murder of innocents far from their bunkers.

The question is, what can we do, as the governments in unison are acting as criminal organisations, increasingly so during the last 15 years since 911 and the “WAR on TERROR” which turned into a war on humanity generally.

Firstly, invest in facemasks. When the spraying is intense, wear them when going out and inform people why, ask them to look up. When you or your child has some mysterious cough or chest complaint or chemtrail flu ( a dry hacking cough that goes on for weeks in the winter months) visit your health practitioner and make them know that you are suffering from the effects of chemtrail toxicity. Hold your government responsible. Next, bring the conversation to any politician, he/she must answer directly to you.Keep up this pressure to talk about chemtrails openly. Keep this pressure up, silence means consenting to every criminal activity they are perpetrating.

Second, reject GMO whenever you can, ask your supermarket questions, inform them about the damage eating glysophate does to the body, get them to watch this study by the french scientists, and make this part of daily life, reading ingredients, asking questions pushing for changes.Again silence is consent and we have never had to fight as hard as this in our lives just to be able to feed our children proper organic food. My grand-daughter has eczma up the backs of her legs since she started eating a range of “foods” We bought junior probiotics which has helped. Keep the gut healthy at all costs with probiotics and fermented foods, seek organic demand organic, we must make the changes happen for our loved ones.I worry for the youg ones growing up in this toxic world,We must make our best efforts to make the world a better place.

Third, be very careful with vaccines as this is the forefront of Agenda 21, depopulation plan,
easily administered to babies and children from birth, al the way through school and beyond. Ask questions, never accept automatically what is being told to you. There is much that has been uncovered about the vaccine industry (note industry) ample evidence on vaccine damage, MMR and autism now firmly established, Dr.Andrew Wakefield all those years ago was correct and has recently been exonerated. Many courts have now paid out for vaccine-damage to autistic children.

chemtrail ingredients thus;

Aluminum Oxide Particles
Bacilli and Molds
Barium Salts
Barium Titanates
Desiccated Human Red Blood Cells
Ethylene Dibromide
Enterobacter Cloacal
Human white Blood Cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA)
Methyl Aluminum
Mold Spores
Nano-Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass
Nitrogen Trifluoride
Known as CHAFF)
Polymer Fibers
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Pseudomonas Florescens
Radioactive Cesium
Radio Active Thorium
Serratia Marcscens
Sharp Titanium Shards
Sub-Micron Particles (Containing Live Biological Matter)
Unidentified Bacteria
Yellow Fungal Mycotoxins

Stop Chemtrail Spraying Petition to White House Needs Signatures

Chemtrail Flu: Have You Had It Yet?


MMR Italian court rules MMR vaccine did trigger autism

We can change what bigpharma and government does by
a) raising our voices and
b) your wallet talks, when corporations feel it on the bottom line they are forced to change what they offer consumers

all the very best everyone, make the efforts, we are more enlightened with each passing day and it has been an honour for me to play a small part in all this.

We are at a momentous point in history;

interesting =>Benjamin #Fulford – March 17, 2015: news events make it clear Khazarian rule is ending

Whilst I have been sceptical about Benjamin Fulford over the years, I believe 80% of what he has written in this article is true, a momentous power shift is occurring for the first time in hundreds of years from the empirical powers of the west, to the east. The fraud, criminality, the wars, killing, deaths & refugees, the toxic hunger for world domination by empire has become it’s downfall and in the meantime we, the people, have suffered through the most horrendous period for human rights on all levels, from privacy to the food, to waether control, vaccine disease delivery, indoctrination of our children, the attempted descimation of family by perverting our morals and sexuality, attempting to destro traditional family, all this, under the direction of empirical leaders.

We, as a people, have been brutalised, stand firm, we have been battered but not broken, humans are too resilient and resourceful.

Stand for your beliefs where-ever you are, and together, finally, we will achieve through perseverance.

Ending with a heroic lady Rachel Corrie,these are the people with conviction who change the world.

author Johnny Punish never forget American Hero Rachel Corrie: A Light That Never Goes Out

Stand tall oh mighty oak, for all the world to see,
your strength and undying beauty forever amazes me.
Though storm clouds hover above you,
your branches span the sky,
in search of the radiant sunlight you
count on to survive.
When the winds are high and restless and
you lose a limb or two,
it only makes you stronger, we
could learn so much from you.
Though generations have come and gone
and brought about such change,
quietly you’ve watched them all yet still
remained the same.
I only pray God give to me the strength he’s
given you,
to face each day with hope, whether
skies are black or blue,
Life on earth is truly a gift
every moment we must treasure,
it’s the simple things we take for granted
that become our ultimate pleasures.



Recent moves and events reported on their own may not seem like anything to speak of, until you join the dots. Joining dots is an occupation that the elites do not like you doing, hence, in case you hadn’t noticed, everything is compartmentalised, so that the guy upstairs does not know what the guy downstairs is doing, a simple technique.

With the three tweets hereunder i shall demonstrate how to attempt open thinking to join some dots up, of course it is an intelligent guesstimate of what is going on but very feasable indeed.

first tweet is regarding the relationship between the Vatican and the NSA, one is old school and t’other is bang-up-to-the-minute technology.

So how do we compare and what could be going on?

in case you did not know, the Vatican is the oldest power/control structure in the world. How better to gather intel, on the ground, in all quarters and neighbourhoods of the globe but by through this web of presence and churches.

so, when we look at all the scandals hitting a. the Vatican and all the child sex abuse and b. on other side, all the NSA secrets being revealed to the world, you begin to peak under the cover of what lies beneath.

the elites are divided into camps, the broadest are the “old power” coming under the Vatican umbrella, and the “new kid” coming under NSA/USA umbrella.

so, on the basis that leaders are preselected by the elites/bilderbergs, and further in the knowledge that leaders are then coerced pushed shoved and prodded to act for the powers behind, the number one source of control is blackmail garnished through spying.

the most common form of blackmail used, is to do with sexual scandals and paedophillia, the most commonly used tools by either camps and every other sub-sect in between….so i got the dirty on you and you got the dirty on him and so it goes, voila.

when scandals are released into the public arena to discredit, jail, or dismiss key people, the question would be, what faction is pulling the stroke?

if we now look a little more closely at Snowden and the NSA spy PRISM revelations, ask yourself, who would gain most benefit from knowing and who would be discredited etc., so one answer to that, the EU became the injured party and America was somewhat disgraced.

my analysis is that, rather than Putin being behind this, as he spoke in words of “our partner the USA” seemingly strange, i would offer that Snowden is a vatican asset, striking back at the NSA/USA after scandal after scandal has been released about all things, corruption, sex scandals et al in relation to the Vatican doing damage to the great monolith that is the Catholic Church power structure.

now let me carry on to the next tweet hereunder referring to the latest EU motion/announcement that Israel should withdraw it’s borders back to, as depicted in the Balfour Treaty signed in the United Kingdom


now this has been an astonishing announcement completely unreported in mainstream media, why so? of course by now we know that mainstream reports little of what is really going on, so look to the indies.

now, why oh why would the EU suddenly announce this after 6 decades of non-movement with the palestinian problem ? well one thing is for sure, it sure ain’t compassion for the palestinians. This is another power play, in the global chess game. The EU is firing a warning shot acrods Israel’s bows as Israel cannot have two masters and “old school” europe/Vatican has decided that Israel is getting way too big for it’s boots acting way too independently and also more in the American camp than Old Europe camp.

and finally the Strauss Khan tweet,

Strauss Khan was removed from office in brutal fashion on a rape charge (again one of the favoured techniques)

so in the grand chess game that is the power play of the elites, Strauss Khan has become a Putin man, taking with him all kinds of valuable information.

so let me just conclude that whenever you hear “news” you really really need to roll around in your head…the actual reason WHY? and WHO? motives

this is a very very interesting excercise and i find it eternally fascinating,

thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed

this is a global conversation for freedom,
are you part of this conversation?

ENIGMA Why: via @youtube

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could explain #EU #motion on #israel #border
interesting analysis of #elitist #factions
☆#Vatican & #NSA Are Joined at the Hip

#European #Union Issues #Order To #Redraw #Israel To 1949 #Borders

✿ so ex-rothschild man chess move
Ex-#IMF #Head #Strauss-#Kahn Joins #Rosneft Bank – Report



If the New World Order zionists and banksters had a love child, it would be called BITCOIN, a flying worthless digit, (in my opinion)  created as easily as I am tapping these words onto this page, backed by zero zip nought and subject to the controllers of the can easily see where that is going right?

article ✿ Bitcoin Cryptocurrency:Is”Digital Gold”The Future Of Money? sales pitch @link below..Jon Matonis,

(open source software) Marketing of crypto currency-bitcoin, personally I could not stomach listening to this guy soft selling this appalling system of citizen  enslavement.

Cutting back for a moment to where global economics stands right now 2012, we all know that the massive banking frauds perpetrated upon us started with the fraudulent sub-prime mortgage scams coming out of America. Further to that we see the EU actions (ECB) purposely enslaving member nations of the EU,into an *unrepayable debt cycle* For those who take an interest in economics you will draw the parallel with how the 3rd World (African nations) have been enslaved to this system. The NWO/Banksters then turned their attentions to using this weapon in the *west* to achieve their ultimate goal of *cashless enslavement* of the masses. Of note to mention, in recent months BITCOIN has been mentioned over a hundred times by the likes of the ECB seeming to be a type of promotion of a dreaded rival??

In my opnion if you buy the idea that this is an indie creation for the benefit of the
people, then you need your brain examining. There are many types of  *digi-credit* appearing, be very very wary. There has also been a *smartphone payment* campaign by very wary indeed, parents especially must educate the young and teens not to fall into this trap, this is the age-group that the elites aim for, to  entrap them young.

An important issue to raise at this juncture are the BRICS nations who have real hard assets,produce,manufacturing etc., to trade with the rest of the world. Now, why on earth would any of these countries like China Russia India Brazil Iran trade their  valuable resources/produce for a *flying digit* ? These countries are all buying gold and silver and accepting gold in payment for goods. Gold is the recognized age-old prescious metal that stabilizes all fraud be it paper or *digi*

Therefore when citizens are entrapped within their borders to a worthless digi-system the only ones with the power will be Government, Banksters and large corporations who will be able to trade with the rest of the world in hard currency.

We may all have thought once-upon-a-time that our stupid governments were *short-term* thinkers, this was the theatre presented to the public with so-called individual parties waving the red white or blue. In actuality, since way back in the early 1900s, the banksters and zionists of the day had a long term plan in mind of a New World Order to zonist designs.

New World Order pledged to the Jews 1940

Evidence that we are hurtling towards the kingdom of the Antichrist and the New World Order is the fast approaching cashless society which is being relentlessly pursued by world bankers. Sweden is a case in point which has only 3% cash purchases while in the US it is 7% and in the EU it is 9% at the present time. The Danske Bank in Stockholm will be entirely cash free from October 2012. This is very important news because Sweden is an innovator in the world of microchip technology, internet banking and electronic payments.

The truth is that only cash, HARD cash (or better yet, physical silver and gold) can maintain your personal financial sovereignty. A cashless society is a Luciferian Bankster’s wet dream end game. And it must not be allowed, non-compliance, refuse consent,retain your sovereignty.

Here I will recount just a small example of what will occur on a much wider level, on FB a friend was counting her *LIKE* stats, the number of people who hit *LIKE* and her culmulative total were not the same..who do you complain to, and would you get back the correct stats?

Another, I bought some digi-credit on a stick to access the internet, £15 worth, when I went to use the credit, it had expired, WHY??  I put my hard cash to that, yet the faceless corporation stole it very readily. Multiply that scenario across the board and you will soon realize how you will be battered into the ground by  this system. Extrapolate across all the various services you and your family need to survive, and you will realize what a deadly weapon this will become with the power to *shut you off* any time they wish from medical, energy, your digi credits, food on and on.

Here is a brief list of the catastrophic dangers and eventual imprisonment the cashless society will impose:
-Ends anonymity in life
-Creates a 100% risk of cyber crime both from rogue hackers and internal employees and officers of banks, data centers, communication networks,etc. So many accounts in banks across the world have been hacked that there is no rebutting this argument. Instead of one person being possibly robbed, 360,000 accounts get robbed in an instant as happened with Citi as announced in June of 2011.

update here on cyber-crime reported by Price Waterhouse

…and we are to base our lives on this horrendous system?

-By outlawing cash, the banks force everyone into their system of control for taxation, bank fees, licenses, fines, tracking, and ultimately, shutting off access to food, water, shelter or life and liberty.

-Going cashless will kill small business creation such as started by younger people, poorer and often women trying to support their familes, and that depend on easy start-up, without needing approval from banks for access to the electronic payment equipment and system. Not to mention the banks would force them to get business licenses, set-up accounts, get credit approval, take fees that rob entrepreneurs of profits, and control what business would be allowed to be started.

and so you begin to see the full horror of what will unfold, and horror it is.

Why is a cashless society the holy grail of total tyrannical control for the Banksters? Because once your entire financial banking life is under the dominion of these criminals in the form of a card or an implanted chip, you will never again be free. They are already tracking you, building a database about you and monitoring your every move. But once cash transactions are done away with entirely, if the Banksters (or fascist government) don’t like your point of view or politics, they can just turn your chip off.

“And no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast.” It’s all part of the Rockefeller (& ELITES)  plan as Hollywood producer Aaron Russo warned.

Lastly a word about gold and silver,
in India the people have it dead right, they don’t trust government and for hundreds of years families have bought gold as their store of wealth. This thinking is more true today than at any other time in history and we would all do well to learn from the indian people. So despite the NWOs plans to biometrically chip track & trace everyone, as they attempt to do to the 1 billion plus population of India, unless they can get the people to give up their gold, cashless RFID chipped society will not work for the NWO, so let’s all learn from India, they have it right.


Retain sovereignty over your own life.
This is a conversation for FREEDOM, are you part of the conversation?

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The Criminal Banking Cartel’s End Game: A 100% Digital Monetary System


How India’s government might adapt to its people’s trust in gold

Getting tough on gold imports won’t work, two former Indian central bankers say

simple woman with simple words,retain your sovereignty

Cyber Crime Boosts Threat to Financial Services, PwC Says

Technocratic New World Order & Smartgrid

Banksters Outlawing Cash, part 2, Beware,Be Prepared, Sweden Leads the Way

RE-RECOGNIZING PALESTINE an age-old Land to which Balfour Referred.

This week thursday is the crucial vote at the UN to support Palestinian statehood,

The Palestinian leadership is warning Europe and the US that failure to support its bid for statehood at the United Nations on Thursday will further strengthen Hamas after the Gaza fighting by suggesting that violence, rather than diplomacy, is the way to win concessions from Israel….end

UK has expressed a desire to back Palestinian statehood,Britain ready to back Palestinian statehood at UN,

Britain ready to back Palestinian statehood at UN | World news |

Britain is prepared to back a key vote recognising Palestinian statehood at the United Nations if Mahmoud Abbas pledges not to pursue Israel for war crimes and to resume peace talks.
Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, has called for Britain’s backing in part because of its historic responsibility for Palestine. The government has previously refused, citing strong US and Israeli objections and fears of long-term damage to prospects for negotiations….end

yes and Abbas is quite right about the historical responsibility,

here a piece of history not referred to,
Balfour Declaration

Foreign Office
November 2nd, 1917
Dear Lord Rothschild,
I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.
“His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”
I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.
Yours sincerely,
Arthur James Balfour..end quote…so the historical responsibilty clearly exists.

The sponsors of Israel since WW2, the givers of AID, USA/UK/France/Germany
must now DO THE RIGHT THING by the palestinian people, UK mooted support subject to certain conditions, including giving up any right to pursue Israel for war crimes.

The world has had enough of war, Israel has terrorized the ME for 65 years and increasingly so, wars have proliferated, all with a nod and a wink from the supporters, to increase arms trade globally.

The palestinians are cramped, squished into a sliver of land, all they have left after 65 years of terrorisation, they and their children have been unmercifully killed by a brutal rogue state,Israel.The latest vindictive attack soon after the american elections was like shooting fish i a barrel, the palestinians have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide brutally caught in their concentration camp that is Gaza.

If peace is wanted here, give them back their land, go back to pre1967 borders and stop the western-sponsored killing, if we want to talk about holocaust, let us look at the holocausts brought by *western* sponsored wars since WW2, the wars have been endless, we have not had peace, that has been an illusion, what is notable is that these holocausts seem unimportant, despite the millions that have died.

here is Brezinsky,

THE LIGHT SHINES ★ Zbigniew Brzezinski Admits The Global Political Awakening Proving Very Difficult For Elites

people are very much awake, this process will continue, there is no turning back on the enlightenment.

WE ARE THE WORLD AND WE SUPPORT GAZA ★ 6.99 Billion People Side Against Israel and Gaza Murderers

largely unreported in mainstream, the huge support that exits for the palestinians,
and when did this tide of anti_Israeli sentiment begin? I can pinpoint that, the day they killed those aid-workers on the aid ship bound for Gaza is precisely the day the sentiment of the world turned against Israel.

here how ISRAEL survivives;

UK GOV SUPPORT ★ Britain sustains illegal Israeli settlements through close trade ties

UK GOV SUPPORT (WHY?) ★ Britain sustains illegal Israeli settlements through close trade ties

The UK government has traditionally maintained good and flourishing trade relations with the Israeli regime, despite the regime’s expansionist policies against the international law. …end

here is a list of companies making blood money in occupied territory,


A total of 27 Israeli companies operating in settlements and exporting to the United Kingdom have been identified as follows:
· Fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs: Agrexco, Arava, Flowers Direct, Hadiklaim, Mehadrin Tnuport Export
· Other food products: Abady Bakery, Achdut, Adumim Food Additives/Frutarom, Amnon & Tamar, Oppenheimer, Shamir Salads
· Beverages: Adanim Tea, Soda-Club, Tishbi Estate Winery
· Cosmetics: Dead Sea Laboratories, Intercosma
· Pharmaceuticals: Fermentek
· Plastic products: Keter Plastic, Tip Top Toys, Twitoplast
· Metal products: DiSTeK, Mul-T-Lock, Yardeni Locks
· Textile products: Caesarea Carpets, Dispobud, Ofertex
· Other products: Greenkote…. end quote

There is a a growing number across the globe who want to boycott these companies and their products, and so they should..

The Methodist Church of Britain, the fourth largest Christian denomination in the UK with 70 million members worldwide, has voted to boycott Israeli products and services produced in the occupied West Bank because of Israel’s “illegal occupation of Palestinian lands.” end

so let’s look at the landscape and recap,
here is a link showing ancient maps of PALESTINE as recorded through the ages

here is a link showing what is left for the palestinians after land theft for past 65 years’
…palestinian loss of land

here the people DO SPEAK!


and no-one buys the rhetoric spouted by *the west* or ISRAEL of *POOR ME**

journalists might not want to talk about this but citizen journalists will,
the people of the globe will say it !!

HUGE LOSS OF LIVES OVER 65 years (has anyone attempted to estimate this?)

and please tell me again HOW ISRAEL is the VICTIM in all this??
more of that NLP (neuro linguistic programming) back to front language.

so if you want to suport GAZA and the palestinians boycott goods coming out of the illegal settlements.

The US-Israeli Attack on Gaza (also supported by UK)

far from being a spontanious action, was begun 1 week after the american election,
read the following analysis from the respected Global Research

Operation “Pillar of Cloud” was launched on the 14th of November, exactly one week after the US presidential elections. It was slated to be launched irrespective of the outcome of the US elections. The first action was the targeted assassination of the leader of Hamas’ military wing Ahmed Jabari. The operation has since evolved towards a generalized bombing campaign and ground invasion involving the announced deployment of some 75,000 Israeli troops….end

see full implications of this progressive plan towards domination of the Middle East and onwards towards Iran in conjunction with the EU negotiating ever-closer union into a communized block onwards and upwards to pre-planned



Bibi Unmasked Caght On Tape: What The Israelis Really Think Of Us

★ISRAEL Financial Aid (while america is destroyed)

this is a conversation for FREEDOM from tyranny, are you part of this conversation..

of course the members of the UN did pass the motion for recognition of Palestine the State, and now begins the long road for some kind of redress for the palestinion people who have been unmercifully victimized over decades and generations in Israel’s quest to steal all the land and ethnically cleanse the region. A case may very well be brought to the ICC to bring charges against Israel for WAR CRIMES.So be it, Israel must answer to the world for it’s barberous actions.



There are more tumours and cancers in the word today than ever before, everyone knows a person who has had cancer,WHY? There are numerous fertility problems and late abortions, as never before,WHY?

Articles and news about the entire GM industry are extremely rife right now across mainstream and especially independent media. There are so many articles to choose from on the debacle that is the GM (frankenfood) food industry and finally, we have hard evidence of the damage it is doing after a very private 2 year study.This was conducted by french researchers, without the usual constraints imposed by companies like Monsanto, who do not release GM seed or products such as maize (NK603) for “free” study but only to their strict parameters and up to a maximum period of 3 months to which, any party must sign a contract.
This time period has been completely insufficient for problems to manifest.

GMO study video ALERT

French researchers secretly studied, for two years, 200 rats fed with transgenic maize. The result of which you can see in the above video,tumors, and other serious health disorders,and a bomb for the GMO industry. There was a 600% increase in mortality between the GM fed group and the control group, fed uncontaminated material.

Maize NK603 was used and fed to the animals, observed and thoroughly tested over a 2 year period. Normally, within the “self-policing” GM industry, glysophate and the GM seed and produce are only tested in a very limited time and manner, and usually results kept within the industry, refer to Dr.Huber in interview with Dr.Mercola (an earlier piece)

link here,

The GM industry have convinced (bought) co-operation that no toxicity tests are needed in Europe for import of GM material.Europe has been nervous about this whole issue, France being the most concerned.

Over the years, personally I have emailed, written, telephoned many companies and supermarkets enquiring about their GM policy, labeling and clarity, because I did not want myself or my family to eat GM.Response was often poor and unclear.I always made it very clear that as a private individual I did not want to buy or eat GM. It made shopping longer, many items I cut out altogether, and especially if originating from America, my choice,I am entitled to it, as we all are.,

The GM industry have recently spent millions on trying to kill the bill that would require labeling of GMOs in California. The participants are MONSANTO, DUPONT, BAYER, DOW, BASF, NESTLE and SYNGENTA.
NESTLE is one of the largest food product providers in the world including BABY FOOD turning 90 billion swiss in profits. Perhaps they need to change their current slogan to “FOODS TO DIE FOR”

Peter Brabeck head of NESTLE is the type of guy who makes sweeping statements like, we have been eating GMOs for 20 years and no-one is dying or sick. Well how would you know that Mr.Brabeck, no-one is looking and no-one knows how many modern day illnesses may be attributable to GMOs. He is also the kind of guy who states that water should be a traded commodity like all other, in other words, we, the people, wouldn’t be entitled to it, for our very LIFE, and anyone who thinks this, he has labelled an extremist. I have a few choice words for Mr.Brabeck.

Monsanto,and other pesticide companies as named have now spent more than $19 million to kill Prop. 37

Monsanto has recently acquired private security company BLACKWATER, One wonders for what purpose, to intimidate resistance?  The people will prevail, once the light shines into the dark corners of their truth as they scurry away exposed with nowhere to hide. On an investment note, Billionaire Investors are jumping ship as they withdraw investments out of GM and BIG PARMA  (also banks) on the back of all the bad publicity and exposures of the truth on these industries which care little about “joe bloggs” as long as they make a buck and fulfill their precious Agenda 21.

The good news is that countries as well as individuals are making a stand. Monsanto and NESTLE have recently lost a case in Brasil over the non-labeling of GMO material in their products. France has issued a very clear statement that it is saying NO to GMO.

Another note that Monsanto is part of the parcel that is american foreign policy strategy for world supremacy with people like  Brezinsky and Gates involved to name but two.
Control money and you control a country, control food and you control all the people.

These diagrams show inter-connectivity with other entities and people.
monsanto ven diagrams inter-connectivity

The people are fighting back, the people are making headway, the people will win out.
We must all make our protest in whichever way we are able, we are having an effect.Supermarket chains need to be held jointly and severally liable  for the products they sell in light of the new evidence.

Usual tactic of the ELITES, problem,reaction, solution.
So while we become sicker globally through their interference with mother earth,
BIG PHARMA waits in the wings to pick over our bones, then the banksters step in and take the last bit of  life blood to complete the circle of profit.

So, we have a choice to make. Make your views heard and felt, cut as much GM as you can out of your diet, ask supermarkets the questions, stick a list of top 10 gm foods to avoid on your fridge, eat healthily, take your vitamins and WE WILL WIN THIS FIGHT.We need to keep up the pressure and KICK IT HOME.

This is a global conversation for freedom from tyranny, are you part of the conversation?

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chief Peter Brabeck (thoughts of a CEO)
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Unilever, Nestle to Remove GMO Ingredients from British Product Lines.
(do we believe?)

GMO protest outside Nestle plant/cloned meat OK/EU takes 12 member states to court over GMO law

Rats fed GMO have 600% increase in death reveals French research carried out in secret


ANALYSIS=>>Was Insider Trading Responsible For Sharp Slide In Crude Oil Prices This Week?

Mar­kets were seem­ingly taken by sur­prise this week on crude oil prices, led by a $3 drop on NYMEX this past Mon­day. There have been a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent analy­ses offered on the recent oil price drop from Mon­day Sep­tem­ber, 17th.

The Reuters expla­na­tion is pre­dictable and may be too cur­sory.

The first expla­na­tion offered was of an algo­rith­mic pro­gramme gone wild, fol­lowed by a price cor­rec­tion due to being at recent highs of $120/barrel on BRENT and $100+ on NYMEX. These were the favorites, how­ever the drop in prices isn’t due to just one fac­tor, and pos­si­bly even a result of insider knowl­edge.

Octo­ber futures options expir­ing on Mon­day and the gen­eral con­tract expir­ing today cer­tainly had a cas­cad­ing effect, fea­tur­ing a $3 drop in 1 minute (on NYMEX) on Mon­day, before regain­ing approx­i­mately $1 at the close. This was the last chance for traders to get on board the lat­est trend and clearly the trend has con­tin­ued with crude falling Thurs­day below $91/barrel ($90.66) on NYMEX before clos­ing at at $91.87. NYMEX crude even briefly fell just below its 100-day mov­ing aver­age at $90.73, spark­ing strat­egy shifts.

Other rumors about the effect of pos­si­ble Saudi inter­ven­tion via increased pro­duc­tion and a poten­tial US elec­tion sur­prise from a Strate­gic Petro­leum Reserves release also weighed on mar­kets. The mar­kets are not a mono­lithic entity by any stretch and what tends to hap­pen is that regard­less of the pre­vail­ing notions, a trend can be started by one fac­tor but exac­er­bated by oth­ers. The fact is that the “mar­kets” are traders (or high fre­quency com­put­ers com­manded by traders, and it’s not always the news specif­i­cally which dri­ves mar­kets, as the human mind doesn’t always pro­duce the most eco­nom­i­cally effi­cient deci­sion. The “tun­nel vision” think­ing of a trader’s one track mind often obscures real news and trends are fur­thered by the rip­ples caused from the ini­tial change in num­bers. This logic applies to the high fre­quency trad­ing com­put­ers also which move mar­kets quickly just based on how trad­ing met­rics are ana­lyzed by expen­sive algo­rithms (which are gold on Wall Street).

Today, a more likely rea­son for the price move emerged. A reported meet­ing Tues­day between Cather­ine Ash­ton, nego­tia­tor for the United Nations Secu­rity Council’s 5+1 (the per­ma­nent mem­bers of the plus Ger­many) han­dling talks over Iran’s nuclear pol­icy, who met with Iran’s For­eign Min­is­ter Saeed Jalili for “infor­mal dis­cus­sions” on the sit­u­a­tion. This meet­ing was held on short notice and out­come is unclear but some feel there has been a pos­i­tive pol­icy sea-change in Iran, putting the onus on the West to help resolve the sit­u­a­tion.

In light of that news, emerg­ing reports of curi­ous crude oil trans­ac­tions points to insider knowl­edge. On Mon­day, pre­ced­ing the $3 drop in prices, “some 13,000 con­tracts of CME’s West Texas Inter­me­di­ate crude oil con­tract and 10,000 con­tracts of the Inter­con­ti­nen­tal Exchange’s (ICE’s) Brent/BFOE crude oil con­tract” were unloaded on the mar­ket by affil­i­ated sell­ers pos­si­bly ema­nat­ing from Saudi Ara­bia, accord­ing to Asia Times. It stands to rea­son that some indi­vid­u­als had early warn­ing that the Mid­dle East risk pre­mium, said to add $10-$15 to the bar­rel price, would be com­ing off the mar­ket price. With most traders look­ing for crude to trend higher com­ing in Mon­day the 17th, the turn-around on options day bears some scrutiny. Who­ever made these trades beat the mar­ket, prob­a­bly with high fre­quency trad­ing help and led the rest of the mar­ket lower for this weekly cycle.

What effect these devel­op­ments have remains to be seen as it gets lost in the fog of war, but in the short term, the global econ­omy stands to ben­e­fit from depressed prices.

The fact that cheaper oil will mean less profit for pro­duc­ers, such as Rus­sia, Venezuela Saudi Ara­bia, will not impact on Iran as they have been sell­ing for any­where up to 25% less than mar­ket price any­way due to the hos­til­i­ties and sanc­tions. That oil has to go some­where and China, among oth­ers, has been a will­ing buyer. The sanc­tions have not really done much other than cause a few headaches and extra plan­ning for Iran as the tem­po­rary effects are begin­ning to wane, which the Wash­ing­ton Post just noted yes­ter­day. The biggest prob­lem was the insur­ance com­pa­nies black­list­ing tankers car­ry­ing Iran­ian crude, but that has sub­sided as ship­pers have found var­i­ous workarounds.

A poten­tial deal with Iran to end the diplo­matic stale­mate will come with ben­e­fits to the West. The ben­e­fits of a deal

1. Cheaper energy costs to the West in the short term, help­ing to reduce strain on the econ­omy.

2. A thaw in the Russ­ian energy stran­gle­hold monop­oly over Europe, to which Russ­ian earn­ings are heav­ily reliant.

3. There is also the ques­tion of Bahrain where the rulers are seen to be los­ing their grip on the coun­try.

If Bahrain falls into the hands of the rebels, then America’s 5th Fleet, will no longer have a base and will also open up a weak flank towards Saudi Ara­bia. The Shi’ite rebels are said to be influ­enced by Iran and some Saudi Ara­bian oil fields are located in Shi’ite ter­ri­tory.

It would be more for­tu­itous to make a deal with Iran, which would have many ben­e­fits includ­ing avert­ing a nasty con­flict. The only way this deal would go through, is with China’s back­ing as Putin and Rus­sia will most cer­tainly not want to bro­ker such a deal that will strip them of future earn­ings and power.

China is only ever inter­ested in greater eco­nomic activ­ity via increased trade, cheaper energy and raw mate­ri­als, not in war per se. China will also be very prag­matic, pro­vid­ing the islands sit­u­a­tion with Japan de-escalates also, as it is some­thing nei­ther coun­try really wants to go to war over. These oil fluc­tu­a­tions are just yet another act in the the­ater that the Elites have pro­vided us with increas­ingly over the last 12 years and beyond.

Against this back­drop, Israel would be forced to tone down the aggres­sive rhetoric and resolve the ongo­ing Pales­tin­ian open sore of a prob­lem instead, unless there is a false-flag “event” of ques­tion­able ori­gins.

The prob­lem with any deal is that, at the high­est lev­els, the coun­tries in the coali­tion against Iran are all com­manded by New World Order col­lab­o­ra­tors. In the long run, the real solu­tion lies in West­ern pop­u­la­tions awak­en­ing to this fact. Amer­ica also has the poten­tial to be energy self-sufficient in the next 10 years or so if it makes a con­cen­trated on rebuild­ing. Europe on the other hand will need strate­gic mutual under­stand­ings for their energy needs to be sta­bi­lized.

Infla­tion­ary pres­sure from the new unlim­ited quan­ti­ta­tive eas­ing pro­gram recently announced by the Fed­eral Reserve is part of the rea­son equi­ties and com­modi­ties (now ex. oil) have con­tin­ued to trend higher, shrug­ging off neg­a­tive eco­nomic indi­ca­tors. Aside from the Mid­dle East ten­sions, with crude oil being a de facto cur­rency, the price would nor­mally be dri­ven higher by the extra “punch” from the Fed. These fac­tors had given some sup­port to crude oil prices but the impact of defla­tion­ary forces and new devel­op­ments from Iran may out­weigh the upward price pres­sures and will be an inter­est­ing trend to watch over the next cou­ple of weeks.

This is ulti­mately a global con­ver­sa­tion for free­dom from tyranny, as oil wars con­tinue to break out and it remains the pri­mary source of energy for bil­lions of peo­ple. Access to energy con­trols life for most peo­ple and it will only be a good thing if this dev­as­tat­ing war is averted.



in your road, in your bedroom, in your private life.

Though I am writing this article from a localised perspective in the UK, it is relative to all citizens living within the anglosphere, EU / USA / UK / CANADA / AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND, where parallel policies are being rolled out.You would need to be blind not to *see* it. Mass vaccination programmes, SMARTGRID, chemtrailing, mass surveillance,loss of human rights, police state tactics, corporate thuggery, undemocratic fascist-style government…DO YOU CARE??


Not enough that since Blair’s government we have been blessed with 4 million CCTV cameras from John O’Groats to Lands End, not enough that our car can be tracked from start to destination on Siemens systems, not enough that GOV can listen into our phone conversations,landline, mobiles, emails,internet browsing, it just doesn’t seem to be enough.

We are having a renewed campaign at the moment by British Gas soft-selling SMARTMETER,a cost effective conservation of energy, however what they don’t say is that it’s a 24/7 wi-fi data transmitter than can tell if you are in.or out, how many of you, are you making tea or taking a shower, a perverse amount of data-gathering as every construct around us, stifling the very life out of us, stifling totally our god given freedoms. This smartmeter is also a danger to health, anyone with  pacemakers, also by way of being showered by electro magnetic beams every second, full article below.Electro-magnetism interferes with our DNA at overloaded levels.

Now I am just setting the scene here for what I have been writing about for some time, THE TECHNOCRATIC NEW WORLD ORDER (article below)It is here and it is now.

Hovering above us we have “the internet” also “smartgrid” these two pivotal constructs that billions have been spent on, in the developing and the implementation thereof, in secret, in conjunction with the CFR, the Bilderbergs, successive presidents and prime-ministers,many countries participating. What we can clearly see, all over the EU, UK, USA, Canada, Australia,is the implementation of parallel policies as instructed by the elites, so we are getting smart-energy smart-meter smart-city smart-lighting smart-surveillance. It’s a perverse world they have built around us, and yet the propaganda mainstream press are still maintaining that this all has something to do with “terrorism” Well let me tell you, that ship has sailed.

In this backdrop let me introduce a local red flag, Borough of Lewisham and Borough of Croydon are workin on a joint project,, “CROYDON and LEWISHAM STREET LIGHTING PFI”

The last meeting, I believe was on the 25th.JULY 2012
I have a PDF document detailing the meeting published on Croydon’s website.

Lead Officer Croydon Executive Director Planning and Environment,
Tim Flood, Finance Manager x63209
Lewisham, Executive Director for Resources and regeneration.

Cabinet members..Croydon councillors Hoar & Thomas, Lewisham, Smith and Maslin

Corporate Policy,
Improved street lighting supports Croydon Councils corporate priorities of improving environment,reducing crime etc etc….

4.1 HUMAN RIGHTS….There are no human rights impact considerations arising from this report

Contact Officers;
Steve Iles (Croydon)  0208 255 2864 x52821
Tony Brooks (Croydon) 0208 726 6000 x65433
Steve Gough (Lewisham) 0208 314 7000

I suggest we all work to get an assurance in writing of that.

Skanska has been awarded an £80 million contract…”designed to save on increasingly expensive bills from innefficient lights and repairs to ageing columns”

I have an account of one light bulb change in 8 years on one road in the borough.

Questions for the Borough Chiefs Finance Officers,

1. can you justify £80 million being spent on this scheme?
2. could that money not be put to better use foe play areas, schools, hospitals and other worthy projects especially in this time of “austerity”?
3.what is cost of annual expenditure at present on street lighting?
4. what are the future savings by implementing this scheme?
5. what is the rate of return on savings against expenditure?

Now apart from the financial considerations, and does the council not have to answer to council tax payers for this, my concern, extremely valid, that this is a computerized intelligent lighting system, with the capabilities of having add-ons if not already attached, for cctv and recording conversations.

With today’s sophisticated technology,it’s a very simple process, et voila, we will have surveillance in your street overlooking your home, potential to listen-in, to your home your bedroom, outside when you are socialising with friends, walking along with your family,just picture the total lack of freedom and privacy that they are designing on top of what already exists.

This is an intolerable situation, we are not criminals, we should not be living under these conditions. Ten years ago, if you said to me that I would be fighting for my very life and right to exist freely in the United Kingdom, I would have called you a liar.

Now sadly we are here at this juncture, how can any politician in this country talk about democracy and freedom for others, a total joke now after many illegal wars, when the citizens of this country don’t have freedoms and democracy themselves.

Readers, you can all choose to sit on your bums and keep on watching the telly, or you can start ringing Croydon and Lewisham Council and asking all the relevant questions, or, contribute to your own enslavement by doing nothing.
Get together with your neighbours ACT NOW.

Do this now or don’t bother having children because you will be consigning them to a fate worse than death in the years ahead, to come, RFID chipping of humans, all part of their Technocratic New World Order.Take it seriously my friends.


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