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I Have Travelled to the Future, and There are No Children There.

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I Have Travelled to the Future and There are No Children

De-population policies, Agenda 21, in action on the ground.

Genocide by Way of Medical Killing,

I have just come back from my travels and I would like to share my experience with you.
I have visited a small european city, three times now. At first I was just taking it all in, looking at different features and the culture, art, churches as you do, enjoying the ambience.

By my third visit, I felt that something was missing but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.
Then as I strolled around in the sunshine one day with my son, it just struck me. I couldn’t see any children walking or playing in the streets. So I said to my son..”where are the children”
I then started looking for them. There were pattisserie’s in the squares, loads of people out drinking coffee enjoying the sun smoking chatting and I did catch sight of one or two toddlers, but still, nowhere near to my mind what it should have been.

This began to play on my mind, being one of the enlightened.
Shortly after I was chatting to a young girl I had befriended and we were just talking about random stuff and at a convenient point in the conversation I asked her about the children in her country, and I said to her, there do not seem to be many. She then said, “oh yes, we have a problem with that here, our minister has been on TV not long ago asking the young women to please have more children”  So I followed with, “how come, what’s going on?”
She proceeded to tell me that there were a lot of problems with young women being able to conceive. It was a big problem. I listened, very sadly by now, as she related what was going on.

She also happened to say that she had qualified for the cervical cancer vaccine, “just-in-time” before her 25 birthday and she’d had to make a difficult decision whether to take it or not. She had asked her doctor who categorically told her that proper trials had not been done, but it was a good idea to have it, she proceeded to take the vaccine. By this time I was quite upset and she could see that. I said to her, did you or anyone ever stop to think WHY you were having these fertility problems when they didn’t exist 20 years ago. She stopped still and looked at me for several seconds. I proceeded to explain, these problems did not exist to this severity 20 years ago and the reason they exist now is because the higher forces at work, the elites, implementing policies through vaccines, GM foods and various other poisons introduced into our food and water that would affect human fertility and reduce population figures, of course in secrecy and without consent.

What we see across the board in the anglosphere are many problems with conceiving, miscarriages,lower birth rates, lower pregnancy rates, so we can certainly surmise that the depopulation policy implemented thus far has had an effect that can be palpably seen all around us. I bet if you looked to your own family and friends you would have a number that were having problems having a baby.

There has been a massive co-ordinated drive in the last 20 years to systematically damage fertility. If the effects can be seen across the board in several countries within the anglosphere’s grip, then you can certainly believe it is policy and not coincidence. There is no such thing as coincidence.

Also let us not forget the Gates Foundation and the “good work” they are doing in Africa bringing life-saving vaccines to the africans. At a recent speech regarding his work and the importance of the vaccine programme, Bill stressed that vaccines did not damage babies/children and refuted Dr.Wakefield’s findings in this area, as untrue, however he did have a problem looking the mesmerised audience in the eye, so-to-speak. Why? because he absolutely does know the damage vaccines are causing that is why. Why don’t we ask his wife and other female members of his extended family, why don’t we ask big pharma (Merck) do their families take the vaccines. There has been a huge rejection of vaccines, from the flu, to bird flu to gardasil, whatever “the authorities” have feverishly promoted these past 10/12 years, by medical professional working in the field. These professionals will not take these vaccines, they are “in-the-know” 

Who are these people who want to decide who lives who dies who procreates who doesn’t.

Who are these people who want to carry out mass genocide of the unborn in secrecy behind our backs, damaging our bodies lying to us harming us and our children. The same scientists and doctors who were hard at work for HItler were imported to the USA and continued their special work within the global pharmaceuticals, so that may give you an insight into the types of people we are dealing with and who profess to be “doing good” but in fact are just intent with malintent and aforethought, careful planning and willing to execute their programme over decades. Soulless godless people.

This is genocide of the unborn, through medical means with the vaccines, in 10-12 years time, of the gardasil vaccination programme rolled out across the anglosphere, we are going to see massively more problems than are being reported today with the damage that has been done in the last 20 years. In the UK, an 80% take-up has been reported in the schools…luckily I persuaded my sisters not to let their daughters line up for this. I believe that there is a future global class-action in the waiting here, for all the damage big pharma will have wreaked.

Personally I consult homeopaths, herbalists, acupuncturists, to stay healthy. White coats are a necessary evil only in dire cicumstances. I do not trust the white coats, I personally have suffered a tragedy at their hands when I was younger and naive.

So what can you do to retain good health and good fertility? It is of course not easy today as the food supply has been infected, however it can be done. Try to eat “clean” foods, try to not eat GM poison, try not to have unnecessary vaccines, try to grow some of your own food if possible, take supplements if need be to stay healthy. Be aware, take control of your own life. The elites have and are continuing to commit grand genocide of our future unborn.

In the very near future, the highest prize will be fertile young women who can have babies,
these fertile females will be highly sought after, highly prized and highly honoured, by men who want families so ladies,
think about it.We will be comng full circle, in the circle of life, because women are the creators of life.(of course with the appropriate assistance from men)

This is a global conversation for freedom, what happens to one happens to us all.


relevant links;

Bill Gates, Mastermind behind Global Eugenics



here straight from Dr.Mercola;

Bill Gates: One of the World’s Most Destructive Do-Gooders?


Gates’ latest plan is to try to end world hunger by growing more genetically modified (GM) crops.

He’s already invested $27 million into Monsanto Company—leading some countries to reject his charity due to the high risks, such as:

  • New disease vectors
  • Mutated pesticide-resistant insects
  • Resistant “superweeds”
  • Contamination of surrounding non-GM crops

We already know how deeply entrenched the U.S. government has become with Monsanto.

For a visual illustration of their ‘revolving-door-relationship’ with the governmental regulatory agencies, see the graph toward the bottom of this article.

It is this type of government infiltration that allowed genetically engineered alfalfa to be approved without any restrictions at all, despite the protests of the organic community and public comments from a quarter of a million concerned citizens.

In Bill Gates, Monsanto also has one of the wealthiest and most influential “philanthropists” supporting their agenda and spreading misleading propaganda about their products.

In recent years, it has become disappointingly clear that Gates may be leading the pack…..end extract

Big thanks to Dr.Mercola, he has shared important information with the general public




Author: umbilicalgun

i am a mother, i care deeply about children and the suffering that illegal corporate WAR inflicts follow @lisa_alba for the true news information is king, the more you know the truth, the better choices you can make, in the last 5 years, since i began writing and informing, i have seen the conversation change dramatically. We must keep up the fight, it is vital to the survival of our children and grandchildren. “Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number- Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you Ye are many-they are few.”

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