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Iran Faces “The West” on the Strait of Hormuz

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Iran Faces “The West” on the Straits of Hormuz

Iran is surrounded by American, British, French, Nato warships, planes and military, embargoed against free trade, their banks sanctioned, companies blacklisted by the western corporate alliances .This very act  has led them into a golden trap. Iran and it’s allies Russia,China, the BRICS, are trading using gold and barter at national levels and have also established a competing money transfer system to SWIFT.
Russia China India Iran and others are uniting to trade in their own currencies and gold.
“The West” by their actions are hastening the end of the petro-dollar and the EU by joining with the USA in these sanctions, have shot themselves in their already bankrupt foot.

The elites, unsatisfied with their destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, plundered for power, resources and gold, bringing death and destruction to the innocent peoples with their depleted uranium bombs wolfishly crying “oh freedom”,  are seeking more victims in this struggle for world domination.

Iran, one of the last non-subservient islamic frontiers, not bowing to “The West” is
vilified by their  usurped islamic neighbours who appear to have forgotten which direction mecca lies.

Yet you are not alone Iran. Many in the west realize that your victory is our freedom, as we too are fighting for our children’s futures and we will all share the same fate, should you be defeated. Many are acknowledging that “the west” has lost democracy and freedoms.

Obama writes,Israel’s chiefs admit,Panetta says,
that you have no nuclear weapons, you have the right to pursue peaceful nuclear energy (and you are a signatory to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty)  as opposed to Israel, so, Iran, do nothing.

The fact remains that “the west” is in a state of bankruptcy and their only salvation is in Islamic and African resources and they intend to feast at your table, quench their thirst on your lifeblood, and as displayed in the global media, urinate on your dead.
All this under the fable entitled democracy, a democracy that has all but disappeared from the lives of the ordinary invisible impoverished people of the west, who appear to receive more charity from Chavez of Venezuela, than the Avaricious of Wall Street. The West, where even collecting rainwater is now illegal.

You are suffering gross provocation and hostility, do nothing, persevere.
The answer to provocation is simple, do nothing, do not confront, as they have no moral authority on their side and you are a country who has not attacked another nation in over 200 years. Encourage your population as China has, to buy gold and silver, follow the national security of precious metals as India,China and Vietnam, place democracy of economic power in the hands of the people. Iranians and maybe the rest of Islam, irrespective of their false master’s voice, could unite by buying silver & gold, the achilles heel of the fraudulent Wall St. and City of London, as they hold the debt paper contracts, of selling what they don’t have, and cannot deliver.  As it stands there’s only 30 million ounces of deliverable silver in the Comex Warehouses. They have forward sold at least 100 times that.

The golden dinar was a vision of Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia, then taken up by Gadaffi as a direction for African independence for which he was unlawfully targeted and killed, alongside of his other achievements, his own central bank and a solvent oil-based economy.They can target weaker governments and leaders but when every man is his own central bank and leader, their power dissipates.

Salt from our tears won’t sting their eyes,
but the peace of silver and the peace of gold is a dagger in the heart of those that wish to enslave us all.

Buy gold, buy silver and starve the corporate war monger’s machine

China and Saudi Arabia have recently announced a joint project for nuclear energy, which is a  recognised right of every nation, therefore, you, Iran, must completely negate The West’s re-iterated mantra of Iran’s nuclear threat. They have absolutely no moral or legal authority for their actions.

There are terrible consequences to the illegal wars rained down upon the middle-east by “the west.”  Iraq, the women’s wombs are worn and torn by depleted uranium, deforming their babies at conception.  In Libya, not satisfied with theft and destruction of an orderly nation through bombs dropped from a technocratic sky, the crime against humanity continued with depleted uranium,destroying and  poisoning the underground water acquifiers, a real triumph of Gaddafi’s, about to turn the deserts into a green oasis of agriculture. All factions in Libya are now fighting the forces of occupation who guard the liquid gold.Democracy has not materialised,  but then we all could have warned them.

Never fear Monsanto is near. A  job awaits the lucky few, and if you are a good labourer you may shop at the company  store, as the black american slaves once did, and the sanitised suffering will be viewed in snippets on controlled media, with incumbent commercial break, before a request is made for donations,to alleviate the suffering, that will travel as far as the NGO’s pockets, never reaching the intended destination, much like we see in Haiti today. The stricken population are still living in make-shift shelters with no improvements.
The frauds of “the west” are revealed on every level.

The full horror of Monsanto’s aims must never be realised, to control food and fertility, to patent nature’s gifts to the earth, to deny women of the joys of motherhood, they must never achieve these goals. The zionist central bankers’ ambitions are to control everything vital to human existence, money, energy and finally food, even the rainwater. They want to control, patent, copyright, make unlawful to man, all the gifts of  mother earth.

If their global agenda is realised, we are all slaves, there will be no heaven above us, and this can never be. That is why, Iran at the Straits of Hormuz, your fight is our fight, the fight for freedom for us all.We are all collateral, a commodity, how much have they raised on each and every one of our heads ?

Driven beyond contempt beyond greed, to pure hatred for the dignity of man and the sanctity of life, the other western controlled dictatorships feast on the flesh of their people’s misery as we see through all the civil unrest and high unemployment in Europe, USA and the UK

As our christian morality and beliefs have suffered attack and been compromised by zionist media, black is white, good is bad, rational thought irrational, the false language of social engineering,  we wonder if Allah has fled the House of Saud, Quatar and Jordan. Turkey adopts empirical rhetoric  “we don’t have friends only interests”  as they target their neighbour Syria. There are many in the west now fighting this same fight for  survival. The world cannot survive on greed and self-interest alone A world without spirituality and respect for each other is a world without a soul and the arrogance of our leaders has blinded them.

The history of our times must be properly recognised.
We must look back and catalogue the epic proportions of the elites’ destruction around the globe,since WW2 and the never-ending wars It all seems like a global act of revenge on the human race because it dares to exist, breathe, procreate and live.

Iran on the Straits of Hormuz, the common peoples of the world support you in your battle for independence, this is a global conversation about freedom for all.

Freedom is when you have nothing left to lose.
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Author: umbilicalgun

i am a mother, i care deeply about children and the suffering that illegal corporate WAR inflicts follow @lisa_alba for the true news information is king, the more you know the truth, the better choices you can make, in the last 5 years, since i began writing and informing, i have seen the conversation change dramatically. We must keep up the fight, it is vital to the survival of our children and grandchildren. “Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number- Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you Ye are many-they are few.”

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  1. a well balanced article. well planned and thought out

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