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 Do you or I know the difference between right and wrong?
 What is right, What would you consider to be wrong? Inherently the answer is yes we do.

Something is badly wrong in the anglosphere and we need to talk.
Do you have a strong set of values that you believe, or could you easily be persuaded that there is a different truth of what is right and what is wrong?  If there were 20 people saying, join us, this is the way, would you, because you have a compulsive need to belong? If 20 people kept telling you over and over it is right and proper to have sex with children, would you be persuaded to take on that belief or would you quite rightly be sickened and horrified ?

Something is badly wrong and we need to talk about it and pinpoint exactly what has happened.

There is a brave new shiny world that the powers-that-be are promoting,and have been working on through the decades, since the “sexual revolution” in the 60’s in fact (which was sponsored by the Rockefellers)and we have reached some kind of pivotal point right now, with the purposefully collapsing economic systems, wars, unrest, surveillance systems and so on across the anglosphere.

Do you feel compelled to join this bright new world ?

Neither you, your family nor your children are safe any more, and it’s way past time to wake up to this. The UK is the leading experiment in how to psychologically subvert the population through a form of mind control that has/ is being delivered through the media, TV programmes, education all the way through the system, including sex education of very young children with material supplied by Kinsey who wrote books on Human Sexuality. His material is being used to deliver pornographic sex education into schools to children of a very young age. This material introduces sex, in all forms, including anal sex, and in all combinations gay,lesbian straight, horrendous images for young vulnerable baby minds
Your children are not safe

Key people in major cities throughout the UK in managerial positions have been sent off for reconditioning into the ideology of “common purpose” Key people are continually being sent off on courses and some of them are actually sick of the constant retraining.

The training has been implemented to people working in government departments, health services, the police, legal services, council leaders and so on, NLP being one such method employed, Neuro Linguistic Programming. Of course it can be used for “the good” but it is being employed to skew individual’s thought processes of what is “right” and what is “wrong” You don’t believe? Look at hypnotists at work, how does that happen, perhaps they choose their subjects carefully. The new buzz words are “for the common purpose” The belief is that this restructuring of mind emanates from the CFR and the Bilderbergs and Tavistock Institute, which of course all these in conjunction with each other want to communize the “angosphere” and take control of young minds.

Our belief systems have been under constant attack and the elites have tried their damnest to abolish GOD and take us all to a depravity I would call hell,such is their vision of the world. They encouraged women to enter the workforce through their “liberation” principally so they could tax the other 50% of the population that were not yet tax slaves. They have actively cheapened womanhood through all forms of the media reducing her to an irrelevant throw-away piece of meat. In germany if you are an unemployed female, you cannoit turn down legitimate work including being a prostitute. The elites wanted to break down our society a la Gramsci ….…to better manipulate their slaves.

For man of old, there was GOD and there was WOMAN the two things most revered and respected in his life, he would die protecting his family.Today through the pseudo liberation and independence of women, the elites have broken our society, cheapened man’s most revered treasures and also turned our children into “commodities” Who is there to protect the women and the children once the value systems have been destroyed?

Recently my grandaughter just in first year senior,(UK that’s age 11-12) and still very chlid-like recounted to me that her friend in another group was shown a cartoon on sex education and that she had felt sick after it.I was horrified. I can only imagine the horrific material that a young innocent was subjected to, to feel that ill. Your children are not safe. They are corrupting our children and also brain-washing them into accepting slavery through fingerprinting which is being done extensively in UK schools, with or without parental consent.  Your children are not safe

My question is, why are parents accepting this without organizing group protests,
complaining individually will only lead to victimization, but collectively would be effective.

Why are parents failing their children?
Do you all think that what is being implemented in schools is “right” or “wrong” ?
Do you feel compelled to accept it all because “everyone else is” ?
This is the herd mentality they are using to entrap you with, and you all need to question whether “the authorities” are indeed educating and helping your children or corrupting and harming them.Your children are not safe.

Same question applies to vaccines. After the death of Jade Goody (UK 2009), the pharmaceuticals miraculously came up with a “cure” for cervical cancer. In the UK, Merck’s Gardasil has been rolled out in schools and young girls have been vaccinated, deaths and side effects have been reported. This vaccine does not prevent all cervical cancer, and in keeping with NWO objectives of de-population, it is more likely that this vaccine is being used to cause fertility problems which will only come to light at a later stage for these poor victims. The objective, of organizations like the Gates Foundation in supplying vaccines and ditto  Big Pharma, is population control.It’s a well known agenda, Agenda 21,

your children are not safe.
Girls have died, other girls’ health has been destroyed.

There are articles emerging that teen pregnancies have been falling,though perhaps not through abstinence,education or contraception,so what might the health authorities be doing to our teenagers, what’s in the vaccines, be very suspicious?  Your children are not safe.

It also seems as though women generally are having problems with fertility and miscarriages
and we need to be concerned about these trends as it would point to an implemented agenda.
There have been rising cases of allergies,autism,and many other “modern-day” diseases amongst children, why?,0

Your children are not safe.

The citizens of the UK have been the primary guinea pigs for manipulation, and psycological re-wiring of “the norms” in society and all around us, take the 4 million CCTV cameras erected from John O’Groats to Land’s End. The question on the lips of other people abroad is, how far can the citizens of the UK be pushed into accepting every kind of invasion of privacy and lack of human rights and abuses of their children by the state.Your children are not safe.

Children in the UK and elswhere in the anglosphere are a commodity and big business. There are around 80,000 children in the care system, a multi-billion industry for the courts,lawyers,and the whole “care” mechanism with it’s doctors,psychologists etc. Family Courts in the UK are very very secret entities that have no accountability to public scrutiny and crimes are being committed within these courts. Annually, though figures are tough to come by, some 100,000 children go missing off the streets of UK. Where are they, who investigates? Children are a multi-billion pound business.To the elites, that is how they look upon the humans in any kingdom, as commodities to be bought and sold as slaves.Local authorities now get paid according to how many children they remove from parents.

Of course the authorities would love to have us all rioting in the streets,brother fighting brother,muslim against christian, divide and conquer. The best and most effective weapon is knowledge and truth, talk to your family,neighbours, friends, tell them to talk to others, this is not just a conversation for the UK, this is a global conversation, we the common man must stand together and not take part in the constructs of the illuminati and their New World Order, it must fall. The time for truth is now, take this conversation to your MPs make them know that we will not accept their depraved New World Order.

Love your children your partners and your family,do what is right, this is truth.

Your children are not safe.

for a full explanation as to why all this is happening go to my previous article, part of the master-plan is to enslave this generation of children to biometrics, to become good little slaves, we must all fight this.

The UK government has just announced that the flu vaccine is to be rolled out in schools for all children to be vaccinated, so as to prevent infection. This is a false statement, the flu vaccine is an uneccessary cocktail of “unknowns” that parents should not permit their children to line up for. Be very aware of Agenda 21, in practice, and the malintent of all authorities.The elites are trying to control everything about you, your children, your fertility and your life. This experiment was begun during WW11 and these same criminals have carried on implementing their global control grid for the past 50 years in secrecy but no more.



Listen to Brian Gerrish, he lays it out, something is badly wrong, we can all feel it,
we all know it and we all need to talk, right now. Talk to someone today, don’t delay 1 more minute the safety of you,your family and your children is at stake

Brian Gerrish is working towards awareness as is the CIB, Campaign for and Independent Britain.

BE AWARE of you and your children being re-programmed!

Secret Sterilizing Ingredients In Many Vaccines

SEX Aids for sale at Boots within children’;s easy view!

Share this article today there is no more time to lose.

I’d rather be a mother than anyone on earth
Bringing up a child or two of unpretentious birth…
I’d rather tuck a little child all safe and sound in bed
than twine a chain of diamonds about my [carefree] head.
I’d rather wash a smudgy face with round, bright, baby eyes
Than paint the pageantry of fame or walk among the wise.
– Meredith Gray


Author: umbilicalgun

i am a mother, i care deeply about children and the suffering that illegal corporate WAR inflicts follow @lisa_alba for the true news information is king, the more you know the truth, the better choices you can make, in the last 5 years, since i began writing and informing, i have seen the conversation change dramatically. We must keep up the fight, it is vital to the survival of our children and grandchildren. “Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number- Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you Ye are many-they are few.”

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