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Retain Sovereignty Over your own Children

Advisors to the Department of Health in the UK have advised that mass vaccination/immunisation of healthy school children with the “flu vaccine” will be the only way to stave off epidemics within our society, and that a programme needs to be implemented quickly and cost effectively.…
“Extending the vaccination programme to healthy children would be a huge undertaking, increasing the number of children who get the vaccine, so it is important that we get this decision absolutely right.”

As we know in recent years when the WHO and other health agencies warned the world of epidemics in bird flu, swine flu and normal run-of-the-mill flu, these never happened and it was more to do with Big Pharma selling governments globally, massive amounts of medication that did not get taken up.Even health workers rejected these medications as they were in a position to be  informed of the “ingredients ” of the cocktail.

Now we have government in conjunction with Big Pharma getting ever more belligerent in what they want to inflict on the population, and our dear young loved ones.

For decades there was no need to vaccinate to this extent. In fact constant vaccination depletes our own ability to build immunity to common ailments.

My first stance as a parent would be that I, and only I, know what is good for my child and I will not subject my child to some unknown “cocktail” that could potentially harm my child.

Big Pharma has not maintained a good reputation in recent history of due care and attention to trials of medications that they put on the market for profit first and foremost and secondly, what the hell if they do harm, as long as they make a buck.

If we look at the cervical cancer vaccine that miraculously appeared after the death of Jade Goody 2009, it was a cocktail thrown together very opportunistically and cynically “sold” as the next miracle cure and $$$billions made selling to global medical services and doing a lot iof harm to young girls in the process. I have accounts of consultations between doctor and patient where the doctor said well it hasn’t been properly tested, but I recommend you to take it!

So, WTF, swallow it, or take it in the ass like a good little sheep, you might be alright but then again you might not. This does not constitute professional medical advice.

The next point I would bring to the table is that Agenda 21 is a well-known de=population agenda with the elites, and with this in mind, parents must be wary of any mass vaccination programmes. This has not occurred in the recent past,so what is the motive now ?

A personal tale, myself and my husband dutifully took flu jabs in the past and we still got flu, my husband pretty nastily 2 & 3 times a year. I became pro-active and started giving him herbal treatments as he was always consuming anti-biotics.

Within a year, there were no more flus and no more flu jabs,
we have remained flu-free ever since. It is my deduction that the flu jab was in fact keeping us both ill.

Finally, parents must retain sovereignty over their own children. As soon as you relinquish the decision making to the state, you may as well give your children up.

As a mother I will fight like a tigress to protect my children, so GOV and Big Pharma



This is a global conversation for FREEDOM from tyranny

Author: umbilicalgun

i am a mother, i care deeply about children and the suffering that illegal corporate WAR inflicts follow @lisa_alba for the true news information is king, the more you know the truth, the better choices you can make, in the last 5 years, since i began writing and informing, i have seen the conversation change dramatically. We must keep up the fight, it is vital to the survival of our children and grandchildren. “Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number- Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you Ye are many-they are few.”

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