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in your road, in your bedroom, in your private life.

Though I am writing this article from a localised perspective in the UK, it is relative to all citizens living within the anglosphere, EU / USA / UK / CANADA / AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND, where parallel policies are being rolled out.You would need to be blind not to *see* it. Mass vaccination programmes, SMARTGRID, chemtrailing, mass surveillance,loss of human rights, police state tactics, corporate thuggery, undemocratic fascist-style government…DO YOU CARE??


Not enough that since Blair’s government we have been blessed with 4 million CCTV cameras from John O’Groats to Lands End, not enough that our car can be tracked from start to destination on Siemens systems, not enough that GOV can listen into our phone conversations,landline, mobiles, emails,internet browsing, it just doesn’t seem to be enough.

We are having a renewed campaign at the moment by British Gas soft-selling SMARTMETER,a cost effective conservation of energy, however what they don’t say is that it’s a 24/7 wi-fi data transmitter than can tell if you are in.or out, how many of you, are you making tea or taking a shower, a perverse amount of data-gathering as every construct around us, stifling the very life out of us, stifling totally our god given freedoms. This smartmeter is also a danger to health, anyone with  pacemakers, also by way of being showered by electro magnetic beams every second, full article below.Electro-magnetism interferes with our DNA at overloaded levels.

Now I am just setting the scene here for what I have been writing about for some time, THE TECHNOCRATIC NEW WORLD ORDER (article below)It is here and it is now.

Hovering above us we have “the internet” also “smartgrid” these two pivotal constructs that billions have been spent on, in the developing and the implementation thereof, in secret, in conjunction with the CFR, the Bilderbergs, successive presidents and prime-ministers,many countries participating. What we can clearly see, all over the EU, UK, USA, Canada, Australia,is the implementation of parallel policies as instructed by the elites, so we are getting smart-energy smart-meter smart-city smart-lighting smart-surveillance. It’s a perverse world they have built around us, and yet the propaganda mainstream press are still maintaining that this all has something to do with “terrorism” Well let me tell you, that ship has sailed.

In this backdrop let me introduce a local red flag, Borough of Lewisham and Borough of Croydon are workin on a joint project,, “CROYDON and LEWISHAM STREET LIGHTING PFI”

The last meeting, I believe was on the 25th.JULY 2012
I have a PDF document detailing the meeting published on Croydon’s website.

Lead Officer Croydon Executive Director Planning and Environment,
Tim Flood, Finance Manager x63209
Lewisham, Executive Director for Resources and regeneration.

Cabinet members..Croydon councillors Hoar & Thomas, Lewisham, Smith and Maslin

Corporate Policy,
Improved street lighting supports Croydon Councils corporate priorities of improving environment,reducing crime etc etc….

4.1 HUMAN RIGHTS….There are no human rights impact considerations arising from this report

Contact Officers;
Steve Iles (Croydon)  0208 255 2864 x52821
Tony Brooks (Croydon) 0208 726 6000 x65433
Steve Gough (Lewisham) 0208 314 7000

I suggest we all work to get an assurance in writing of that.

Skanska has been awarded an £80 million contract…”designed to save on increasingly expensive bills from innefficient lights and repairs to ageing columns”

I have an account of one light bulb change in 8 years on one road in the borough.

Questions for the Borough Chiefs Finance Officers,

1. can you justify £80 million being spent on this scheme?
2. could that money not be put to better use foe play areas, schools, hospitals and other worthy projects especially in this time of “austerity”?
3.what is cost of annual expenditure at present on street lighting?
4. what are the future savings by implementing this scheme?
5. what is the rate of return on savings against expenditure?

Now apart from the financial considerations, and does the council not have to answer to council tax payers for this, my concern, extremely valid, that this is a computerized intelligent lighting system, with the capabilities of having add-ons if not already attached, for cctv and recording conversations.

With today’s sophisticated technology,it’s a very simple process, et voila, we will have surveillance in your street overlooking your home, potential to listen-in, to your home your bedroom, outside when you are socialising with friends, walking along with your family,just picture the total lack of freedom and privacy that they are designing on top of what already exists.

This is an intolerable situation, we are not criminals, we should not be living under these conditions. Ten years ago, if you said to me that I would be fighting for my very life and right to exist freely in the United Kingdom, I would have called you a liar.

Now sadly we are here at this juncture, how can any politician in this country talk about democracy and freedom for others, a total joke now after many illegal wars, when the citizens of this country don’t have freedoms and democracy themselves.

Readers, you can all choose to sit on your bums and keep on watching the telly, or you can start ringing Croydon and Lewisham Council and asking all the relevant questions, or, contribute to your own enslavement by doing nothing.
Get together with your neighbours ACT NOW.

Do this now or don’t bother having children because you will be consigning them to a fate worse than death in the years ahead, to come, RFID chipping of humans, all part of their Technocratic New World Order.Take it seriously my friends.


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As we, THE PEOPLE, are now observing, on mainstream media, nowhere in the western
world, can they persuade us, as to the intentions of  “THE WEST”  waging raging war across the Middle East, with countries that are not our enemies,have never attacked us, and we do not feel threatened by in the slightest, despite mainstream media’s determination to demonize these nations.

The people are not buying what is being sold, not anymore. The mists have cleared.We are now in the age of tracking monitoring and analysing evey move the elites want to make.

The fake “war on terror” has been exposed time and again by citizens of repute and qualification, by independent media reporting, by citizen journalists.


a very important article that sheds much light.

The wars across the Middle East have been raging for 10/12 years with no sign yet of abating,
planned by Wolfowitz to take out 7 muslim nations to further enforce Israel’s dominance in the region and also a key strategy to global domination, as planned by the Bilderbergers in their mission for Global Governance.

Participators as we know, UK/ USA/ France/ Germany, and all the constructs of the New World Order, NATO, the UN, used to beat any opponent into submission, certainly not a force for peace, humanitariansim and democracy as is their NLP way of expressing their actions.

The next few months will be very very important and very telling as the “new sherriff” on the block flexes his muscles.

“In parallel to all the developments on the ground, Damascus’ regional and international allies are showing stringency and developing political and diplomatic initiatives to avoid leaving the arena open before the Westerners. At this level, the success of the meeting in Tehran between thirty countries, including China, India, Russia, nine Arab countries and Latin American and South African states, conveys this new balance of power. The formation of this group constituted a strong message to the Westerners and seriously jeopardized their project to establish – outside the context of the United Nations – a no-fly zone in the northern part of Syria. The last few months of 2012 will be decisive at the level of the emergence of new regional and international balances and the drawing up of a new image starting from Damascus, thanks to the victory of the Syrian national state in the global war led against it.”
this article is a *must read* excellent…

Not the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, not CNBC, CNN or FOX, not the Daily Mail, the Financial Times, the New York Times and as many other forms of media you care to name,can persuade, cajole, brainwash, convince, propagate, infiltrate, mind-numb, the citizens of the planet.

The cries are ever more shrill from NWO servants such as Hillary Clinton, as we see them exposed, Axis of Empire, swimming naked, with their accomplices such as Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

If you were to take a peek at the comments section under any propaganda article out there,
that really tells the story.

My congratulations to all independent journalists, alternative media, citizen journalists,news hosting websites and the millions of voices out there seeking truth.

It has been my absolute pleasure being a small part of this whole Internet Reformation, another ripple, ripples that form into a tidal wave of truth.

It takes 3-5% of a population to be informed for change to be initiated.

There are still many battles ahead for all citizens now living in an oppressive surveillance society in the once free world but from the beginning I have always maintained that I have FAITH in the people, and i am not wrong in this.

This is a global conversation for freedom from tyranny.

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Judge,Texas says Civil War will break out if OBAMA is re-elected★


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Martin Luther King Had a Dream

Will Anaheim light the fuse that confronts the programmed deprivation of innocent americans.
Millions are on food stamps, there is rampant homelessness all supported with a prison industrial complex,  that represents the new world order labour camps. (to compete with China?)

At this time they house more disadvantaged black and hispanic people than there were slaves back in history, all unreported by a silent press.

History repeats itself.
The black man’s burden is now joined by the poor white, hispanics and all other creeds of defrauded citizens, where the fiat felons capture Bernanke dollars and profit and ration food stamps to the hungry.

This short video is a reminder of the struggle for black civil rights, which now is to become a fight taken up by all the people of america once again, history is to repeat itself.

America, your constitution isn’t dead,  just buried in a doorway on a concrete bed

If only there was a Martin Luther King to lead a rainbow coloured peaceful revolution of rejection. Rejection of corporate institutionalised slavery.People need to stand together and march not only for the americans but for the illegal wars that litter the Middle East  and Africa, for resources and enslavement to the imperial banking masters

They have learned nothing

The DNA ( 888 )  of the human spirit is to resist tyranny and slavery. The attacked mother and children of Anaheim are as little threat to the alledged law enforcers, as the Iranians Libyans Syrians and Africans are, to the safety of the axis of empirical fraud and war.  Subjugation at home and abroad

In the abscence of the great Martin Luther King we have to turn to our present day communucators from rappers to writers who represent a secial community on the internet of citizen journalists, united in exposing truth, The Internet Reformation.

Anaheim: a community rises up against killer cops
“Sarah Knopp, a teacher from southern California, spoke to Socialist Worker about a police slaying that has sparked a mass protest movement

Manuel Diaz was killed by the police in Anaheim, California, last Saturday. The official story is that he was in an alley running away from the police.

But when they shot him in the leg he was on the lawn of his apartment building. When they shot him again—in the head—he was already on the floor.”

This is provocation by the jack-boot state trying to pre-empt any rising up of the people.

America America your Constitution is not dead, just buried in a doorway on a concrete bed.

Mavis Staples “Eyes On The Prize”

BREAKING NEWS! Cops Open Fire On Men Women & Children, CALIFORNIA!

watch this horrible video of the tyrannical cops !