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As we, THE PEOPLE, are now observing, on mainstream media, nowhere in the western
world, can they persuade us, as to the intentions of  “THE WEST”  waging raging war across the Middle East, with countries that are not our enemies,have never attacked us, and we do not feel threatened by in the slightest, despite mainstream media’s determination to demonize these nations.

The people are not buying what is being sold, not anymore. The mists have cleared.We are now in the age of tracking monitoring and analysing evey move the elites want to make.

The fake “war on terror” has been exposed time and again by citizens of repute and qualification, by independent media reporting, by citizen journalists.


a very important article that sheds much light.

The wars across the Middle East have been raging for 10/12 years with no sign yet of abating,
planned by Wolfowitz to take out 7 muslim nations to further enforce Israel’s dominance in the region and also a key strategy to global domination, as planned by the Bilderbergers in their mission for Global Governance.

Participators as we know, UK/ USA/ France/ Germany, and all the constructs of the New World Order, NATO, the UN, used to beat any opponent into submission, certainly not a force for peace, humanitariansim and democracy as is their NLP way of expressing their actions.

The next few months will be very very important and very telling as the “new sherriff” on the block flexes his muscles.

“In parallel to all the developments on the ground, Damascus’ regional and international allies are showing stringency and developing political and diplomatic initiatives to avoid leaving the arena open before the Westerners. At this level, the success of the meeting in Tehran between thirty countries, including China, India, Russia, nine Arab countries and Latin American and South African states, conveys this new balance of power. The formation of this group constituted a strong message to the Westerners and seriously jeopardized their project to establish – outside the context of the United Nations – a no-fly zone in the northern part of Syria. The last few months of 2012 will be decisive at the level of the emergence of new regional and international balances and the drawing up of a new image starting from Damascus, thanks to the victory of the Syrian national state in the global war led against it.”
this article is a *must read* excellent…

Not the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, not CNBC, CNN or FOX, not the Daily Mail, the Financial Times, the New York Times and as many other forms of media you care to name,can persuade, cajole, brainwash, convince, propagate, infiltrate, mind-numb, the citizens of the planet.

The cries are ever more shrill from NWO servants such as Hillary Clinton, as we see them exposed, Axis of Empire, swimming naked, with their accomplices such as Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

If you were to take a peek at the comments section under any propaganda article out there,
that really tells the story.

My congratulations to all independent journalists, alternative media, citizen journalists,news hosting websites and the millions of voices out there seeking truth.

It has been my absolute pleasure being a small part of this whole Internet Reformation, another ripple, ripples that form into a tidal wave of truth.

It takes 3-5% of a population to be informed for change to be initiated.

There are still many battles ahead for all citizens now living in an oppressive surveillance society in the once free world but from the beginning I have always maintained that I have FAITH in the people, and i am not wrong in this.

This is a global conversation for freedom from tyranny.

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propaganda piece,read comments section…

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Author: umbilicalgun

i am a mother, i care deeply about children and the suffering that illegal corporate WAR inflicts follow @lisa_alba for the true news information is king, the more you know the truth, the better choices you can make, in the last 5 years, since i began writing and informing, i have seen the conversation change dramatically. We must keep up the fight, it is vital to the survival of our children and grandchildren. “Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number- Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you Ye are many-they are few.”

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