Recent moves and events reported on their own may not seem like anything to speak of, until you join the dots. Joining dots is an occupation that the elites do not like you doing, hence, in case you hadn’t noticed, everything is compartmentalised, so that the guy upstairs does not know what the guy downstairs is doing, a simple technique.

With the three tweets hereunder i shall demonstrate how to attempt open thinking to join some dots up, of course it is an intelligent guesstimate of what is going on but very feasable indeed.

first tweet is regarding the relationship between the Vatican and the NSA, one is old school and t’other is bang-up-to-the-minute technology.

So how do we compare and what could be going on?

in case you did not know, the Vatican is the oldest power/control structure in the world. How better to gather intel, on the ground, in all quarters and neighbourhoods of the globe but by through this web of presence and churches.

so, when we look at all the scandals hitting a. the Vatican and all the child sex abuse and b. on other side, all the NSA secrets being revealed to the world, you begin to peak under the cover of what lies beneath.

the elites are divided into camps, the broadest are the “old power” coming under the Vatican umbrella, and the “new kid” coming under NSA/USA umbrella.

so, on the basis that leaders are preselected by the elites/bilderbergs, and further in the knowledge that leaders are then coerced pushed shoved and prodded to act for the powers behind, the number one source of control is blackmail garnished through spying.

the most common form of blackmail used, is to do with sexual scandals and paedophillia, the most commonly used tools by either camps and every other sub-sect in between….so i got the dirty on you and you got the dirty on him and so it goes, voila.

when scandals are released into the public arena to discredit, jail, or dismiss key people, the question would be, what faction is pulling the stroke?

if we now look a little more closely at Snowden and the NSA spy PRISM revelations, ask yourself, who would gain most benefit from knowing and who would be discredited etc., so one answer to that, the EU became the injured party and America was somewhat disgraced.

my analysis is that, rather than Putin being behind this, as he spoke in words of “our partner the USA” seemingly strange, i would offer that Snowden is a vatican asset, striking back at the NSA/USA after scandal after scandal has been released about all things, corruption, sex scandals et al in relation to the Vatican doing damage to the great monolith that is the Catholic Church power structure.

now let me carry on to the next tweet hereunder referring to the latest EU motion/announcement that Israel should withdraw it’s borders back to, as depicted in the Balfour Treaty signed in the United Kingdom


now this has been an astonishing announcement completely unreported in mainstream media, why so? of course by now we know that mainstream reports little of what is really going on, so look to the indies.

now, why oh why would the EU suddenly announce this after 6 decades of non-movement with the palestinian problem ? well one thing is for sure, it sure ain’t compassion for the palestinians. This is another power play, in the global chess game. The EU is firing a warning shot acrods Israel’s bows as Israel cannot have two masters and “old school” europe/Vatican has decided that Israel is getting way too big for it’s boots acting way too independently and also more in the American camp than Old Europe camp.

and finally the Strauss Khan tweet,

Strauss Khan was removed from office in brutal fashion on a rape charge (again one of the favoured techniques)

so in the grand chess game that is the power play of the elites, Strauss Khan has become a Putin man, taking with him all kinds of valuable information.

so let me just conclude that whenever you hear “news” you really really need to roll around in your head…the actual reason WHY? and WHO? motives

this is a very very interesting excercise and i find it eternally fascinating,

thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed

this is a global conversation for freedom,
are you part of this conversation?

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