Martin Luther King Had a Dream

Will Anaheim light the fuse that confronts the programmed deprivation of innocent americans.
Millions are on food stamps, there is rampant homelessness all supported with a prison industrial complex,  that represents the new world order labour camps. (to compete with China?)

At this time they house more disadvantaged black and hispanic people than there were slaves back in history, all unreported by a silent press.

History repeats itself.
The black man’s burden is now joined by the poor white, hispanics and all other creeds of defrauded citizens, where the fiat felons capture Bernanke dollars and profit and ration food stamps to the hungry.

This short video is a reminder of the struggle for black civil rights, which now is to become a fight taken up by all the people of america once again, history is to repeat itself.

America, your constitution isn’t dead,  just buried in a doorway on a concrete bed

If only there was a Martin Luther King to lead a rainbow coloured peaceful revolution of rejection. Rejection of corporate institutionalised slavery.People need to stand together and march not only for the americans but for the illegal wars that litter the Middle East  and Africa, for resources and enslavement to the imperial banking masters

They have learned nothing

The DNA ( 888 )  of the human spirit is to resist tyranny and slavery. The attacked mother and children of Anaheim are as little threat to the alledged law enforcers, as the Iranians Libyans Syrians and Africans are, to the safety of the axis of empirical fraud and war.  Subjugation at home and abroad

In the abscence of the great Martin Luther King we have to turn to our present day communucators from rappers to writers who represent a secial community on the internet of citizen journalists, united in exposing truth, The Internet Reformation.

Anaheim: a community rises up against killer cops
“Sarah Knopp, a teacher from southern California, spoke to Socialist Worker about a police slaying that has sparked a mass protest movement

Manuel Diaz was killed by the police in Anaheim, California, last Saturday. The official story is that he was in an alley running away from the police.

But when they shot him in the leg he was on the lawn of his apartment building. When they shot him again—in the head—he was already on the floor.”

This is provocation by the jack-boot state trying to pre-empt any rising up of the people.

America America your Constitution is not dead, just buried in a doorway on a concrete bed.

Mavis Staples “Eyes On The Prize”

BREAKING NEWS! Cops Open Fire On Men Women & Children, CALIFORNIA!

watch this horrible video of the tyrannical cops !