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ANALYSIS=>>Was Insider Trading Responsible For Sharp Slide In Crude Oil Prices This Week?

Mar­kets were seem­ingly taken by sur­prise this week on crude oil prices, led by a $3 drop on NYMEX this past Mon­day. There have been a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent analy­ses offered on the recent oil price drop from Mon­day Sep­tem­ber, 17th.

The Reuters expla­na­tion is pre­dictable and may be too cur­sory.

The first expla­na­tion offered was of an algo­rith­mic pro­gramme gone wild, fol­lowed by a price cor­rec­tion due to being at recent highs of $120/barrel on BRENT and $100+ on NYMEX. These were the favorites, how­ever the drop in prices isn’t due to just one fac­tor, and pos­si­bly even a result of insider knowl­edge.

Octo­ber futures options expir­ing on Mon­day and the gen­eral con­tract expir­ing today cer­tainly had a cas­cad­ing effect, fea­tur­ing a $3 drop in 1 minute (on NYMEX) on Mon­day, before regain­ing approx­i­mately $1 at the close. This was the last chance for traders to get on board the lat­est trend and clearly the trend has con­tin­ued with crude falling Thurs­day below $91/barrel ($90.66) on NYMEX before clos­ing at at $91.87. NYMEX crude even briefly fell just below its 100-day mov­ing aver­age at $90.73, spark­ing strat­egy shifts.

Other rumors about the effect of pos­si­ble Saudi inter­ven­tion via increased pro­duc­tion and a poten­tial US elec­tion sur­prise from a Strate­gic Petro­leum Reserves release also weighed on mar­kets. The mar­kets are not a mono­lithic entity by any stretch and what tends to hap­pen is that regard­less of the pre­vail­ing notions, a trend can be started by one fac­tor but exac­er­bated by oth­ers. The fact is that the “mar­kets” are traders (or high fre­quency com­put­ers com­manded by traders, and it’s not always the news specif­i­cally which dri­ves mar­kets, as the human mind doesn’t always pro­duce the most eco­nom­i­cally effi­cient deci­sion. The “tun­nel vision” think­ing of a trader’s one track mind often obscures real news and trends are fur­thered by the rip­ples caused from the ini­tial change in num­bers. This logic applies to the high fre­quency trad­ing com­put­ers also which move mar­kets quickly just based on how trad­ing met­rics are ana­lyzed by expen­sive algo­rithms (which are gold on Wall Street).

Today, a more likely rea­son for the price move emerged. A reported meet­ing Tues­day between Cather­ine Ash­ton, nego­tia­tor for the United Nations Secu­rity Council’s 5+1 (the per­ma­nent mem­bers of the plus Ger­many) han­dling talks over Iran’s nuclear pol­icy, who met with Iran’s For­eign Min­is­ter Saeed Jalili for “infor­mal dis­cus­sions” on the sit­u­a­tion. This meet­ing was held on short notice and out­come is unclear but some feel there has been a pos­i­tive pol­icy sea-change in Iran, putting the onus on the West to help resolve the sit­u­a­tion.

In light of that news, emerg­ing reports of curi­ous crude oil trans­ac­tions points to insider knowl­edge. On Mon­day, pre­ced­ing the $3 drop in prices, “some 13,000 con­tracts of CME’s West Texas Inter­me­di­ate crude oil con­tract and 10,000 con­tracts of the Inter­con­ti­nen­tal Exchange’s (ICE’s) Brent/BFOE crude oil con­tract” were unloaded on the mar­ket by affil­i­ated sell­ers pos­si­bly ema­nat­ing from Saudi Ara­bia, accord­ing to Asia Times. It stands to rea­son that some indi­vid­u­als had early warn­ing that the Mid­dle East risk pre­mium, said to add $10-$15 to the bar­rel price, would be com­ing off the mar­ket price. With most traders look­ing for crude to trend higher com­ing in Mon­day the 17th, the turn-around on options day bears some scrutiny. Who­ever made these trades beat the mar­ket, prob­a­bly with high fre­quency trad­ing help and led the rest of the mar­ket lower for this weekly cycle.

What effect these devel­op­ments have remains to be seen as it gets lost in the fog of war, but in the short term, the global econ­omy stands to ben­e­fit from depressed prices.

The fact that cheaper oil will mean less profit for pro­duc­ers, such as Rus­sia, Venezuela Saudi Ara­bia, will not impact on Iran as they have been sell­ing for any­where up to 25% less than mar­ket price any­way due to the hos­til­i­ties and sanc­tions. That oil has to go some­where and China, among oth­ers, has been a will­ing buyer. The sanc­tions have not really done much other than cause a few headaches and extra plan­ning for Iran as the tem­po­rary effects are begin­ning to wane, which the Wash­ing­ton Post just noted yes­ter­day. The biggest prob­lem was the insur­ance com­pa­nies black­list­ing tankers car­ry­ing Iran­ian crude, but that has sub­sided as ship­pers have found var­i­ous workarounds.

A poten­tial deal with Iran to end the diplo­matic stale­mate will come with ben­e­fits to the West. The ben­e­fits of a deal

1. Cheaper energy costs to the West in the short term, help­ing to reduce strain on the econ­omy.

2. A thaw in the Russ­ian energy stran­gle­hold monop­oly over Europe, to which Russ­ian earn­ings are heav­ily reliant.

3. There is also the ques­tion of Bahrain where the rulers are seen to be los­ing their grip on the coun­try.

If Bahrain falls into the hands of the rebels, then America’s 5th Fleet, will no longer have a base and will also open up a weak flank towards Saudi Ara­bia. The Shi’ite rebels are said to be influ­enced by Iran and some Saudi Ara­bian oil fields are located in Shi’ite ter­ri­tory.

It would be more for­tu­itous to make a deal with Iran, which would have many ben­e­fits includ­ing avert­ing a nasty con­flict. The only way this deal would go through, is with China’s back­ing as Putin and Rus­sia will most cer­tainly not want to bro­ker such a deal that will strip them of future earn­ings and power.

China is only ever inter­ested in greater eco­nomic activ­ity via increased trade, cheaper energy and raw mate­ri­als, not in war per se. China will also be very prag­matic, pro­vid­ing the islands sit­u­a­tion with Japan de-escalates also, as it is some­thing nei­ther coun­try really wants to go to war over. These oil fluc­tu­a­tions are just yet another act in the the­ater that the Elites have pro­vided us with increas­ingly over the last 12 years and beyond.

Against this back­drop, Israel would be forced to tone down the aggres­sive rhetoric and resolve the ongo­ing Pales­tin­ian open sore of a prob­lem instead, unless there is a false-flag “event” of ques­tion­able ori­gins.

The prob­lem with any deal is that, at the high­est lev­els, the coun­tries in the coali­tion against Iran are all com­manded by New World Order col­lab­o­ra­tors. In the long run, the real solu­tion lies in West­ern pop­u­la­tions awak­en­ing to this fact. Amer­ica also has the poten­tial to be energy self-sufficient in the next 10 years or so if it makes a con­cen­trated on rebuild­ing. Europe on the other hand will need strate­gic mutual under­stand­ings for their energy needs to be sta­bi­lized.

Infla­tion­ary pres­sure from the new unlim­ited quan­ti­ta­tive eas­ing pro­gram recently announced by the Fed­eral Reserve is part of the rea­son equi­ties and com­modi­ties (now ex. oil) have con­tin­ued to trend higher, shrug­ging off neg­a­tive eco­nomic indi­ca­tors. Aside from the Mid­dle East ten­sions, with crude oil being a de facto cur­rency, the price would nor­mally be dri­ven higher by the extra “punch” from the Fed. These fac­tors had given some sup­port to crude oil prices but the impact of defla­tion­ary forces and new devel­op­ments from Iran may out­weigh the upward price pres­sures and will be an inter­est­ing trend to watch over the next cou­ple of weeks.

This is ulti­mately a global con­ver­sa­tion for free­dom from tyranny, as oil wars con­tinue to break out and it remains the pri­mary source of energy for bil­lions of peo­ple. Access to energy con­trols life for most peo­ple and it will only be a good thing if this dev­as­tat­ing war is averted.

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in your road, in your bedroom, in your private life.

Though I am writing this article from a localised perspective in the UK, it is relative to all citizens living within the anglosphere, EU / USA / UK / CANADA / AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND, where parallel policies are being rolled out.You would need to be blind not to *see* it. Mass vaccination programmes, SMARTGRID, chemtrailing, mass surveillance,loss of human rights, police state tactics, corporate thuggery, undemocratic fascist-style government…DO YOU CARE??


Not enough that since Blair’s government we have been blessed with 4 million CCTV cameras from John O’Groats to Lands End, not enough that our car can be tracked from start to destination on Siemens systems, not enough that GOV can listen into our phone conversations,landline, mobiles, emails,internet browsing, it just doesn’t seem to be enough.

We are having a renewed campaign at the moment by British Gas soft-selling SMARTMETER,a cost effective conservation of energy, however what they don’t say is that it’s a 24/7 wi-fi data transmitter than can tell if you are in.or out, how many of you, are you making tea or taking a shower, a perverse amount of data-gathering as every construct around us, stifling the very life out of us, stifling totally our god given freedoms. This smartmeter is also a danger to health, anyone with  pacemakers, also by way of being showered by electro magnetic beams every second, full article below.Electro-magnetism interferes with our DNA at overloaded levels.

Now I am just setting the scene here for what I have been writing about for some time, THE TECHNOCRATIC NEW WORLD ORDER (article below)It is here and it is now.

Hovering above us we have “the internet” also “smartgrid” these two pivotal constructs that billions have been spent on, in the developing and the implementation thereof, in secret, in conjunction with the CFR, the Bilderbergs, successive presidents and prime-ministers,many countries participating. What we can clearly see, all over the EU, UK, USA, Canada, Australia,is the implementation of parallel policies as instructed by the elites, so we are getting smart-energy smart-meter smart-city smart-lighting smart-surveillance. It’s a perverse world they have built around us, and yet the propaganda mainstream press are still maintaining that this all has something to do with “terrorism” Well let me tell you, that ship has sailed.

In this backdrop let me introduce a local red flag, Borough of Lewisham and Borough of Croydon are workin on a joint project,, “CROYDON and LEWISHAM STREET LIGHTING PFI”

The last meeting, I believe was on the 25th.JULY 2012
I have a PDF document detailing the meeting published on Croydon’s website.

Lead Officer Croydon Executive Director Planning and Environment,
Tim Flood, Finance Manager x63209
Lewisham, Executive Director for Resources and regeneration.

Cabinet members..Croydon councillors Hoar & Thomas, Lewisham, Smith and Maslin

Corporate Policy,
Improved street lighting supports Croydon Councils corporate priorities of improving environment,reducing crime etc etc….

4.1 HUMAN RIGHTS….There are no human rights impact considerations arising from this report

Contact Officers;
Steve Iles (Croydon)  0208 255 2864 x52821
Tony Brooks (Croydon) 0208 726 6000 x65433
Steve Gough (Lewisham) 0208 314 7000

I suggest we all work to get an assurance in writing of that.

Skanska has been awarded an £80 million contract…”designed to save on increasingly expensive bills from innefficient lights and repairs to ageing columns”

I have an account of one light bulb change in 8 years on one road in the borough.

Questions for the Borough Chiefs Finance Officers,

1. can you justify £80 million being spent on this scheme?
2. could that money not be put to better use foe play areas, schools, hospitals and other worthy projects especially in this time of “austerity”?
3.what is cost of annual expenditure at present on street lighting?
4. what are the future savings by implementing this scheme?
5. what is the rate of return on savings against expenditure?

Now apart from the financial considerations, and does the council not have to answer to council tax payers for this, my concern, extremely valid, that this is a computerized intelligent lighting system, with the capabilities of having add-ons if not already attached, for cctv and recording conversations.

With today’s sophisticated technology,it’s a very simple process, et voila, we will have surveillance in your street overlooking your home, potential to listen-in, to your home your bedroom, outside when you are socialising with friends, walking along with your family,just picture the total lack of freedom and privacy that they are designing on top of what already exists.

This is an intolerable situation, we are not criminals, we should not be living under these conditions. Ten years ago, if you said to me that I would be fighting for my very life and right to exist freely in the United Kingdom, I would have called you a liar.

Now sadly we are here at this juncture, how can any politician in this country talk about democracy and freedom for others, a total joke now after many illegal wars, when the citizens of this country don’t have freedoms and democracy themselves.

Readers, you can all choose to sit on your bums and keep on watching the telly, or you can start ringing Croydon and Lewisham Council and asking all the relevant questions, or, contribute to your own enslavement by doing nothing.
Get together with your neighbours ACT NOW.

Do this now or don’t bother having children because you will be consigning them to a fate worse than death in the years ahead, to come, RFID chipping of humans, all part of their Technocratic New World Order.Take it seriously my friends.


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Technocracy Global New World Order & Smartgrid

BRITGAS campaign now,
Smart’ Meters & Corporate Thuggery
Obamacare, Technocratic (Global) Police State IBM VeriChip RFID Implants


Intelligent street lamps installed to SPY ON YOU

Intelligent street lighting for Smart City

Big Brother is watching:Streetlights that record your conversations and track you

The new totalitarianism of surveillance technology Naomi  Wolff

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As we, THE PEOPLE, are now observing, on mainstream media, nowhere in the western
world, can they persuade us, as to the intentions of  “THE WEST”  waging raging war across the Middle East, with countries that are not our enemies,have never attacked us, and we do not feel threatened by in the slightest, despite mainstream media’s determination to demonize these nations.

The people are not buying what is being sold, not anymore. The mists have cleared.We are now in the age of tracking monitoring and analysing evey move the elites want to make.

The fake “war on terror” has been exposed time and again by citizens of repute and qualification, by independent media reporting, by citizen journalists.


a very important article that sheds much light.

The wars across the Middle East have been raging for 10/12 years with no sign yet of abating,
planned by Wolfowitz to take out 7 muslim nations to further enforce Israel’s dominance in the region and also a key strategy to global domination, as planned by the Bilderbergers in their mission for Global Governance.

Participators as we know, UK/ USA/ France/ Germany, and all the constructs of the New World Order, NATO, the UN, used to beat any opponent into submission, certainly not a force for peace, humanitariansim and democracy as is their NLP way of expressing their actions.

The next few months will be very very important and very telling as the “new sherriff” on the block flexes his muscles.

“In parallel to all the developments on the ground, Damascus’ regional and international allies are showing stringency and developing political and diplomatic initiatives to avoid leaving the arena open before the Westerners. At this level, the success of the meeting in Tehran between thirty countries, including China, India, Russia, nine Arab countries and Latin American and South African states, conveys this new balance of power. The formation of this group constituted a strong message to the Westerners and seriously jeopardized their project to establish – outside the context of the United Nations – a no-fly zone in the northern part of Syria. The last few months of 2012 will be decisive at the level of the emergence of new regional and international balances and the drawing up of a new image starting from Damascus, thanks to the victory of the Syrian national state in the global war led against it.”
this article is a *must read* excellent…

Not the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, not CNBC, CNN or FOX, not the Daily Mail, the Financial Times, the New York Times and as many other forms of media you care to name,can persuade, cajole, brainwash, convince, propagate, infiltrate, mind-numb, the citizens of the planet.

The cries are ever more shrill from NWO servants such as Hillary Clinton, as we see them exposed, Axis of Empire, swimming naked, with their accomplices such as Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

If you were to take a peek at the comments section under any propaganda article out there,
that really tells the story.

My congratulations to all independent journalists, alternative media, citizen journalists,news hosting websites and the millions of voices out there seeking truth.

It has been my absolute pleasure being a small part of this whole Internet Reformation, another ripple, ripples that form into a tidal wave of truth.

It takes 3-5% of a population to be informed for change to be initiated.

There are still many battles ahead for all citizens now living in an oppressive surveillance society in the once free world but from the beginning I have always maintained that I have FAITH in the people, and i am not wrong in this.

This is a global conversation for freedom from tyranny.

relevant links
Eyre International – Bringing You The News No One Else Wants To Bring You

The Hidden Truth Behind The News, why Syria will not fall

propaganda piece,read comments section…

America’s Long-standing Campaign to Destabilize Russia

Politically Sponsored by *WEST* “Pussy Riot?”

NDAA 1021US classifies torture & threatens reporters of truth Naomi Wolf interview  #journalists #constitution

Judge,Texas says Civil War will break out if OBAMA is re-elected★


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Martin Luther King Had a Dream

Will Anaheim light the fuse that confronts the programmed deprivation of innocent americans.
Millions are on food stamps, there is rampant homelessness all supported with a prison industrial complex,  that represents the new world order labour camps. (to compete with China?)

At this time they house more disadvantaged black and hispanic people than there were slaves back in history, all unreported by a silent press.

History repeats itself.
The black man’s burden is now joined by the poor white, hispanics and all other creeds of defrauded citizens, where the fiat felons capture Bernanke dollars and profit and ration food stamps to the hungry.

This short video is a reminder of the struggle for black civil rights, which now is to become a fight taken up by all the people of america once again, history is to repeat itself.

America, your constitution isn’t dead,  just buried in a doorway on a concrete bed

If only there was a Martin Luther King to lead a rainbow coloured peaceful revolution of rejection. Rejection of corporate institutionalised slavery.People need to stand together and march not only for the americans but for the illegal wars that litter the Middle East  and Africa, for resources and enslavement to the imperial banking masters

They have learned nothing

The DNA ( 888 )  of the human spirit is to resist tyranny and slavery. The attacked mother and children of Anaheim are as little threat to the alledged law enforcers, as the Iranians Libyans Syrians and Africans are, to the safety of the axis of empirical fraud and war.  Subjugation at home and abroad

In the abscence of the great Martin Luther King we have to turn to our present day communucators from rappers to writers who represent a secial community on the internet of citizen journalists, united in exposing truth, The Internet Reformation.

Anaheim: a community rises up against killer cops
“Sarah Knopp, a teacher from southern California, spoke to Socialist Worker about a police slaying that has sparked a mass protest movement

Manuel Diaz was killed by the police in Anaheim, California, last Saturday. The official story is that he was in an alley running away from the police.

But when they shot him in the leg he was on the lawn of his apartment building. When they shot him again—in the head—he was already on the floor.”

This is provocation by the jack-boot state trying to pre-empt any rising up of the people.

America America your Constitution is not dead, just buried in a doorway on a concrete bed.

Mavis Staples “Eyes On The Prize”

BREAKING NEWS! Cops Open Fire On Men Women & Children, CALIFORNIA!

watch this horrible video of the tyrannical cops !


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Retain Sovereignty Over your own Children

Advisors to the Department of Health in the UK have advised that mass vaccination/immunisation of healthy school children with the “flu vaccine” will be the only way to stave off epidemics within our society, and that a programme needs to be implemented quickly and cost effectively.…
“Extending the vaccination programme to healthy children would be a huge undertaking, increasing the number of children who get the vaccine, so it is important that we get this decision absolutely right.”

As we know in recent years when the WHO and other health agencies warned the world of epidemics in bird flu, swine flu and normal run-of-the-mill flu, these never happened and it was more to do with Big Pharma selling governments globally, massive amounts of medication that did not get taken up.Even health workers rejected these medications as they were in a position to be  informed of the “ingredients ” of the cocktail.

Now we have government in conjunction with Big Pharma getting ever more belligerent in what they want to inflict on the population, and our dear young loved ones.

For decades there was no need to vaccinate to this extent. In fact constant vaccination depletes our own ability to build immunity to common ailments.

My first stance as a parent would be that I, and only I, know what is good for my child and I will not subject my child to some unknown “cocktail” that could potentially harm my child.

Big Pharma has not maintained a good reputation in recent history of due care and attention to trials of medications that they put on the market for profit first and foremost and secondly, what the hell if they do harm, as long as they make a buck.

If we look at the cervical cancer vaccine that miraculously appeared after the death of Jade Goody 2009, it was a cocktail thrown together very opportunistically and cynically “sold” as the next miracle cure and $$$billions made selling to global medical services and doing a lot iof harm to young girls in the process. I have accounts of consultations between doctor and patient where the doctor said well it hasn’t been properly tested, but I recommend you to take it!

So, WTF, swallow it, or take it in the ass like a good little sheep, you might be alright but then again you might not. This does not constitute professional medical advice.

The next point I would bring to the table is that Agenda 21 is a well-known de=population agenda with the elites, and with this in mind, parents must be wary of any mass vaccination programmes. This has not occurred in the recent past,so what is the motive now ?

A personal tale, myself and my husband dutifully took flu jabs in the past and we still got flu, my husband pretty nastily 2 & 3 times a year. I became pro-active and started giving him herbal treatments as he was always consuming anti-biotics.

Within a year, there were no more flus and no more flu jabs,
we have remained flu-free ever since. It is my deduction that the flu jab was in fact keeping us both ill.

Finally, parents must retain sovereignty over their own children. As soon as you relinquish the decision making to the state, you may as well give your children up.

As a mother I will fight like a tigress to protect my children, so GOV and Big Pharma



This is a global conversation for FREEDOM from tyranny

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Iran Faces “The West” on the Strait of Hormuz


Iran Faces “The West” on the Straits of Hormuz

Iran is surrounded by American, British, French, Nato warships, planes and military, embargoed against free trade, their banks sanctioned, companies blacklisted by the western corporate alliances .This very act  has led them into a golden trap. Iran and it’s allies Russia,China, the BRICS, are trading using gold and barter at national levels and have also established a competing money transfer system to SWIFT.
Russia China India Iran and others are uniting to trade in their own currencies and gold.
“The West” by their actions are hastening the end of the petro-dollar and the EU by joining with the USA in these sanctions, have shot themselves in their already bankrupt foot.

The elites, unsatisfied with their destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, plundered for power, resources and gold, bringing death and destruction to the innocent peoples with their depleted uranium bombs wolfishly crying “oh freedom”,  are seeking more victims in this struggle for world domination.

Iran, one of the last non-subservient islamic frontiers, not bowing to “The West” is
vilified by their  usurped islamic neighbours who appear to have forgotten which direction mecca lies.

Yet you are not alone Iran. Many in the west realize that your victory is our freedom, as we too are fighting for our children’s futures and we will all share the same fate, should you be defeated. Many are acknowledging that “the west” has lost democracy and freedoms.

Obama writes,Israel’s chiefs admit,Panetta says,
that you have no nuclear weapons, you have the right to pursue peaceful nuclear energy (and you are a signatory to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty)  as opposed to Israel, so, Iran, do nothing.

The fact remains that “the west” is in a state of bankruptcy and their only salvation is in Islamic and African resources and they intend to feast at your table, quench their thirst on your lifeblood, and as displayed in the global media, urinate on your dead.
All this under the fable entitled democracy, a democracy that has all but disappeared from the lives of the ordinary invisible impoverished people of the west, who appear to receive more charity from Chavez of Venezuela, than the Avaricious of Wall Street. The West, where even collecting rainwater is now illegal.

You are suffering gross provocation and hostility, do nothing, persevere.
The answer to provocation is simple, do nothing, do not confront, as they have no moral authority on their side and you are a country who has not attacked another nation in over 200 years. Encourage your population as China has, to buy gold and silver, follow the national security of precious metals as India,China and Vietnam, place democracy of economic power in the hands of the people. Iranians and maybe the rest of Islam, irrespective of their false master’s voice, could unite by buying silver & gold, the achilles heel of the fraudulent Wall St. and City of London, as they hold the debt paper contracts, of selling what they don’t have, and cannot deliver.  As it stands there’s only 30 million ounces of deliverable silver in the Comex Warehouses. They have forward sold at least 100 times that.

The golden dinar was a vision of Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia, then taken up by Gadaffi as a direction for African independence for which he was unlawfully targeted and killed, alongside of his other achievements, his own central bank and a solvent oil-based economy.They can target weaker governments and leaders but when every man is his own central bank and leader, their power dissipates.

Salt from our tears won’t sting their eyes,
but the peace of silver and the peace of gold is a dagger in the heart of those that wish to enslave us all.

Buy gold, buy silver and starve the corporate war monger’s machine

China and Saudi Arabia have recently announced a joint project for nuclear energy, which is a  recognised right of every nation, therefore, you, Iran, must completely negate The West’s re-iterated mantra of Iran’s nuclear threat. They have absolutely no moral or legal authority for their actions.

There are terrible consequences to the illegal wars rained down upon the middle-east by “the west.”  Iraq, the women’s wombs are worn and torn by depleted uranium, deforming their babies at conception.  In Libya, not satisfied with theft and destruction of an orderly nation through bombs dropped from a technocratic sky, the crime against humanity continued with depleted uranium,destroying and  poisoning the underground water acquifiers, a real triumph of Gaddafi’s, about to turn the deserts into a green oasis of agriculture. All factions in Libya are now fighting the forces of occupation who guard the liquid gold.Democracy has not materialised,  but then we all could have warned them.

Never fear Monsanto is near. A  job awaits the lucky few, and if you are a good labourer you may shop at the company  store, as the black american slaves once did, and the sanitised suffering will be viewed in snippets on controlled media, with incumbent commercial break, before a request is made for donations,to alleviate the suffering, that will travel as far as the NGO’s pockets, never reaching the intended destination, much like we see in Haiti today. The stricken population are still living in make-shift shelters with no improvements.
The frauds of “the west” are revealed on every level.

The full horror of Monsanto’s aims must never be realised, to control food and fertility, to patent nature’s gifts to the earth, to deny women of the joys of motherhood, they must never achieve these goals. The zionist central bankers’ ambitions are to control everything vital to human existence, money, energy and finally food, even the rainwater. They want to control, patent, copyright, make unlawful to man, all the gifts of  mother earth.

If their global agenda is realised, we are all slaves, there will be no heaven above us, and this can never be. That is why, Iran at the Straits of Hormuz, your fight is our fight, the fight for freedom for us all.We are all collateral, a commodity, how much have they raised on each and every one of our heads ?

Driven beyond contempt beyond greed, to pure hatred for the dignity of man and the sanctity of life, the other western controlled dictatorships feast on the flesh of their people’s misery as we see through all the civil unrest and high unemployment in Europe, USA and the UK

As our christian morality and beliefs have suffered attack and been compromised by zionist media, black is white, good is bad, rational thought irrational, the false language of social engineering,  we wonder if Allah has fled the House of Saud, Quatar and Jordan. Turkey adopts empirical rhetoric  “we don’t have friends only interests”  as they target their neighbour Syria. There are many in the west now fighting this same fight for  survival. The world cannot survive on greed and self-interest alone A world without spirituality and respect for each other is a world without a soul and the arrogance of our leaders has blinded them.

The history of our times must be properly recognised.
We must look back and catalogue the epic proportions of the elites’ destruction around the globe,since WW2 and the never-ending wars It all seems like a global act of revenge on the human race because it dares to exist, breathe, procreate and live.

Iran on the Straits of Hormuz, the common peoples of the world support you in your battle for independence, this is a global conversation about freedom for all.

Freedom is when you have nothing left to lose.
really good links

Everybody says the US goes to war to protect its oil supplies,but doesn’t it really go to war to ensure the continuation of the petrodollar system?
Libyan factions continue to fight the foreign troop occupation
china/russia/iran/syria  alliance
china & gold


haiti where did the money go

collecting rain water illegal
the many uses of silver
abuse of slaves fed GM and war against GM Hungary burns fields

rigging gold price
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rapid rise in gold price to come