If the New World Order zionists and banksters had a love child, it would be called BITCOIN, a flying worthless digit, (in my opinion)  created as easily as I am tapping these words onto this page, backed by zero zip nought and subject to the controllers of the can easily see where that is going right?

article ✿ Bitcoin Cryptocurrency:Is”Digital Gold”The Future Of Money? sales pitch @link below..Jon Matonis,

(open source software) Marketing of crypto currency-bitcoin, personally I could not stomach listening to this guy soft selling this appalling system of citizen  enslavement.

Cutting back for a moment to where global economics stands right now 2012, we all know that the massive banking frauds perpetrated upon us started with the fraudulent sub-prime mortgage scams coming out of America. Further to that we see the EU actions (ECB) purposely enslaving member nations of the EU,into an *unrepayable debt cycle* For those who take an interest in economics you will draw the parallel with how the 3rd World (African nations) have been enslaved to this system. The NWO/Banksters then turned their attentions to using this weapon in the *west* to achieve their ultimate goal of *cashless enslavement* of the masses. Of note to mention, in recent months BITCOIN has been mentioned over a hundred times by the likes of the ECB seeming to be a type of promotion of a dreaded rival??

In my opnion if you buy the idea that this is an indie creation for the benefit of the
people, then you need your brain examining. There are many types of  *digi-credit* appearing, be very very wary. There has also been a *smartphone payment* campaign by very wary indeed, parents especially must educate the young and teens not to fall into this trap, this is the age-group that the elites aim for, to  entrap them young.

An important issue to raise at this juncture are the BRICS nations who have real hard assets,produce,manufacturing etc., to trade with the rest of the world. Now, why on earth would any of these countries like China Russia India Brazil Iran trade their  valuable resources/produce for a *flying digit* ? These countries are all buying gold and silver and accepting gold in payment for goods. Gold is the recognized age-old prescious metal that stabilizes all fraud be it paper or *digi*

Therefore when citizens are entrapped within their borders to a worthless digi-system the only ones with the power will be Government, Banksters and large corporations who will be able to trade with the rest of the world in hard currency.

We may all have thought once-upon-a-time that our stupid governments were *short-term* thinkers, this was the theatre presented to the public with so-called individual parties waving the red white or blue. In actuality, since way back in the early 1900s, the banksters and zionists of the day had a long term plan in mind of a New World Order to zonist designs.

New World Order pledged to the Jews 1940

Evidence that we are hurtling towards the kingdom of the Antichrist and the New World Order is the fast approaching cashless society which is being relentlessly pursued by world bankers. Sweden is a case in point which has only 3% cash purchases while in the US it is 7% and in the EU it is 9% at the present time. The Danske Bank in Stockholm will be entirely cash free from October 2012. This is very important news because Sweden is an innovator in the world of microchip technology, internet banking and electronic payments.

The truth is that only cash, HARD cash (or better yet, physical silver and gold) can maintain your personal financial sovereignty. A cashless society is a Luciferian Bankster’s wet dream end game. And it must not be allowed, non-compliance, refuse consent,retain your sovereignty.

Here I will recount just a small example of what will occur on a much wider level, on FB a friend was counting her *LIKE* stats, the number of people who hit *LIKE* and her culmulative total were not the same..who do you complain to, and would you get back the correct stats?

Another, I bought some digi-credit on a stick to access the internet, £15 worth, when I went to use the credit, it had expired, WHY??  I put my hard cash to that, yet the faceless corporation stole it very readily. Multiply that scenario across the board and you will soon realize how you will be battered into the ground by  this system. Extrapolate across all the various services you and your family need to survive, and you will realize what a deadly weapon this will become with the power to *shut you off* any time they wish from medical, energy, your digi credits, food on and on.

Here is a brief list of the catastrophic dangers and eventual imprisonment the cashless society will impose:
-Ends anonymity in life
-Creates a 100% risk of cyber crime both from rogue hackers and internal employees and officers of banks, data centers, communication networks,etc. So many accounts in banks across the world have been hacked that there is no rebutting this argument. Instead of one person being possibly robbed, 360,000 accounts get robbed in an instant as happened with Citi as announced in June of 2011.

update here on cyber-crime reported by Price Waterhouse

…and we are to base our lives on this horrendous system?

-By outlawing cash, the banks force everyone into their system of control for taxation, bank fees, licenses, fines, tracking, and ultimately, shutting off access to food, water, shelter or life and liberty.

-Going cashless will kill small business creation such as started by younger people, poorer and often women trying to support their familes, and that depend on easy start-up, without needing approval from banks for access to the electronic payment equipment and system. Not to mention the banks would force them to get business licenses, set-up accounts, get credit approval, take fees that rob entrepreneurs of profits, and control what business would be allowed to be started.

and so you begin to see the full horror of what will unfold, and horror it is.

Why is a cashless society the holy grail of total tyrannical control for the Banksters? Because once your entire financial banking life is under the dominion of these criminals in the form of a card or an implanted chip, you will never again be free. They are already tracking you, building a database about you and monitoring your every move. But once cash transactions are done away with entirely, if the Banksters (or fascist government) don’t like your point of view or politics, they can just turn your chip off.

“And no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast.” It’s all part of the Rockefeller (& ELITES)  plan as Hollywood producer Aaron Russo warned.

Lastly a word about gold and silver,
in India the people have it dead right, they don’t trust government and for hundreds of years families have bought gold as their store of wealth. This thinking is more true today than at any other time in history and we would all do well to learn from the indian people. So despite the NWOs plans to biometrically chip track & trace everyone, as they attempt to do to the 1 billion plus population of India, unless they can get the people to give up their gold, cashless RFID chipped society will not work for the NWO, so let’s all learn from India, they have it right.


Retain sovereignty over your own life.
This is a conversation for FREEDOM, are you part of the conversation?

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Dear People of Germany, Stop the NWO and Communization of Europe

Open Letter to the People of Germany…Stop The NWO

addition 29/6/2012

live in a Europe of democracy

not in a Europe of communized beaurocracy

YES to trade union, NO to political fiscal undemocratic communization

excellent interview here with Lauren Lister on RT’s Capital Account,

with Nigel Farage…..

Dear hard-working people of Germany,

I am very worried for your well-being and that of all of us in the european zone. I remember a time not too long ago when the German people had to accept a longer working week salary cuts and modernisation expenditure for their industries.At that time roughly 10/12 years ago, the political parties in the UK, and the media were having a laugh at germany’s expense, revelling in the pseudo-prosperity in the UK at that time built on property boom and the fraudulent financial sector. Think very carefully before giving Merkel the power to sign your hard work and enterprise  to the global dustbin of elitist manufactured debt, that will steal your efforts and make you all into debt-slaves.

In the last 10+ years, the NWO has taken the globe to virtual perpetual war with their enforcement arm, the us military machine, the traitors took over vital control of the us administration around 1998 or so, starting with the pre-planned *twin towers* crisis which heralded the never-ending global war on terror without borders or boundaries.

Obama, a tool of the NWO, has dutifully destroyed the american constitution,
run the country into the ground with hyper-printing of the dollar,continuing with the NWO policies and continuing the rhetoric of more & more war. Democracy is dead in *the west* as it has become more and more glaringly obvious that no matter the colour, red/yellow/blue, left.right,centre, the policies being carried out are the same, from America, to the UK, Canada, Europe, all in tanden with each other, such is the strangle hold of the serpents.

The NWO / banksters have caused the global financial crisis, their motto,


only their solution to the ills they have caused is loss of nationalism loss of financial freedoms loss of democracy and pemanent serfdom to you your children and your children’s children.
That is the future we all face, if you take the time to switch off the media, TV, distracting *white noise* look and think about what is going on, doesn’t take a genius right now as it is in our faces.

I am appealing to the hard working german people,
if you allow Merkel, servant of the NWO, to push you into accepting the next measures for the *crisis* of their making in the eurozone, you will be giving up your freedoms your nation your democracy your standard of living you will be the walking dead with no power left to make any changes except through revolution.

Please please do not allow Merkel to push her agenda through, it only serves the fat-cat beaurocrats in Brussels who are quite happy to see all the countries within the EU become empoverished shells to serve their agenda, think about your children.

The biggest potential hurdle in kicking home totalitarian europe, are the 82 million Germans who have a fairly good standard of living, an enviable industrial base and are in possession of a sound constitution. The best thing for Germany would be to exit the Eurozone and recapitalise its own banking system. There is going to be carnage anyway, so the rational thing for Germany would be to LOOK AFTER NUMBER ONE. Germany would recover after the initial shock to its export economy and further consolidate its economic supremacy. The only chance for the German people (like the rest of us in this “world crisis”) is to refuse to be victims.

It takes a crisis to make the politically impossible possible.
Political union can only be achieved through crisis, this is their weapon.
Of course, Soros supports full fiscal integration with a “common treasury” and he pinpoints the vital position occupied by Germany:
“The path that leads to a solution has to be found in Germany, which, as the EU’s largest and highest-rated creditor country, has been thrust into the position of deciding the future of Europe… Under existing arrangements no more money is to be found and no new arrangements are allowed by the German Constitutional Court decision without the authorization of the Bundestag. There is no alternative but to give birth to the missing ingredient: a European treasury with the power to tax and therefore to borrow. This would require a new treaty, transforming the EFSF into a full-fledged treasury.”
And here is confirmation in a recent comment from Germany’s Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schauble:
“We can only achieve a political union if we have a crisis.”

“The path that leads to a solution has to be found in Germany, which, as the EU’s largest and highest-rated creditor country, has been thrust into the position of deciding the future of Europe… Under existing arrangements no more money is to be found and no new arrangements are allowed by the German Constitutional Court decision without the authorization of the Bundestag. There is no alternative but to give birth to the missing ingredient: a European treasury with the power to tax and therefore to borrow. This would require a new treaty, transforming the EFSF into a full-fledged treasury.”

Now here is the best bit where he shows his utter disdain for 82 million Germans ,(Soros)

“The German public still thinks that it has a choice about whether to support the euro or to abandon it. That is a mistake. The euro exists and the assets and liabilities of the financial system are so intermingled on the basis of a common currency that a breakdown of the euro would cause a meltdown beyond the capacity of the authorities to contain. The longer it takes for the German public to realize this, the heavier the price they and the rest of the world will have to pay.”

The last comment is incorrect…but hey, the end justifies the means and isn’t humanity there to be trampled?

Irrespective of all the rhetoric in the media by politicians, last 24 hours to save the euro, please remember, the best thing that could happen is for the whole shooting match to collapse, rather to deal with life as a free man than a slave to the NWO, it can’t get any worse, and this is a fight to the death, right here right now!

please take part in this battle and recommend this article to others, thank you, knowledge is strength.

Dear people of Germany, do not let this happen…yours sincerely, a concerned citizen of the eurozone and planet earth.


thanks for reading,